The Amp Room Ecosystem

Explore all the options and build your own perfect setup


As the pro audio guitar and bass platform,  Softube Amp Room is a continuously growing ecosystem of everything you need to create incredibly authentic and realistic sounds.


How the ecosystem works

In addition to the amplifier emulations, cabinets, pedals, and studio effects that are included in Amp Room, there are expansions created exclusively for the platform as well as a selection of Softube plug-ins that can be loaded as Amp Room modules. These include amps, compressors, equalizers, and much more. Check out everything that is compatible with Amp Room, explore all the possible components available, and build your own perfect setup.


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Amp Room & Amp Room Exclusive

The platform itself and modules exclusively available in Amp Room

Amp Room Ready Studio FX

Compressors, equalizers, and other plug-ins that can be loaded as Amp Room modules