Softube & Weiss: the stellar partnership is back

Weiss EQ1 and more. Out now.

Vintage sound, modern combo.

Chandler Limited® Zener-Bender. Out now.

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Now free: Distance Learning with pureMix and Ryan West

Got some time on your hands? Let’s make it productive. For a limited time, Softube and pureMix offer our highly-reviewed "Ryan West Mixing With Softube Plugins" tutorial absolutely for free.

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Mastering May

The mastering stage that can take a good mix to a great song. As such, your mastering tools require a solid amount of consideration from time to time. For the most premium results, only the premium equipment will do. This month is a great time to put some thought into your gear, as it is Mastering May at Softube.

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Unlockable Offers

It should go without saying that our customers are important to us. So instead of saying it, we'd like to show it to you. Every weekend of May, one of the products below will get an unlockable discount for 48 hours, available to all of you who already have a Softube account.

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Volume 4 Plug-in Collection. Out now.

This is a collection that spans your needs in the studio and ensures every part of your process is taken care of with the best sound quality you can get. You’ll do your best work with these companions. And to get this many premium plug-ins at this price – that’s a sure-fire hit.

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Softube Live Streams

Join Todd Urban every Friday for a mixing and music making stream – filled with Softube insider talk, self-isolation inspiration, and a plug-in giveaway! 🤘🏼

When and where: the Softube Live Streams start at 8:00 p.m. CEST (Stockholm), 2:00 p.m. EDT (New York), or 11:00 a.m. PDT (Los Angeles) and take place on the Softube Facebook Page. See you in the chat!

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Introducing the new Preset Collection

There is more to a great plug-in than the sound quality it imparts on your tracks. Workflow and user-friendliness are arguably equally important. To that end, we are proud to finally announce the completely overhauled Preset Collection, already available in the most recent update of all native Softube plug-ins.

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Ebook: 5 Ways Console 1 Helps You to Mix Faster and Better

How do you mix faster without sacrificing quality? The answer is simple – take a look at your workflow. This brief ebook suggests 5 ways our Console 1 ecosystem can make your mixing experience a joy, and help you turn out awesome mixes faster than ever.

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New to Modular: Vermona Random Rhythm

The Random Rhythm module is a little bit like Frankenstein’s monster: robustly built with a passionate soul—but also, good-looking. Created in collaboration with German-based Vermona, whose musical heritage producing amplifiers and organs dates back decades, Random Rhythm is an exacting model of the original random-based, dual-channel trigger sequencer hardware. Concocted specifically for Modular, Random Rhythm lets imagination off-leash while maintaining full control over what’s being sequenced. It says random in the name, but there’s a method to the madness.

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Using Console 1 with Ableton Live

Ableton Live is fully compatible with the Console 1 ecosystem. Whether you use Live in the studio or on the stage, tactile control of your most important DAW parameters inspires your production and performance to be even more musical. We created a video series showcasing the possibilities.

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Musically fine-tuned, meticulously re-created

Far from just a compressor, the new Chandler Limited® Germanium Compressor plug-in is a mojo, color and character machine that almost feels like a musical instrument.

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