Pro mastering for the busy music producer.

Flow® Mastering Suite is the ultimate music producer’s time- and lifesaver. Finalize your tracks in seconds with signal chains created by professional engineers and get access to several thousand dollars’ worth of mastering-grade tools.


$14.99/month after trial. Terms apply*.

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mastering tools

The sound of 16 high-end tools also available as separate plug-ins in your DAW.

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Lightning-fast workflow

Finalize your track in seconds with the smart Flow controls

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Built by pros for
music producers

Signal chains by professional mastering engineers 

How Flow® Mastering Suite works

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Powerful macro controls

Control each mastering chain with powerful macro controls, built by professional mastering engineers.

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Learn as you go

Contextual information and visualizations connected to the macros.

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Dive into the details

Individual control of 16 included mastering plug-ins, previously only within reach of professional mastering engineers.

Modern Master Flow

Have a listen

Finish your tracks in no time with one of our 13 Flows.


Get started for free and have access to

The Flow® Mastering Suite plug-in.


A collection of unique signal chain Flows built by mastering professionals.


16 high-end mastering plug-ins available in Flow® Mastering Suite that you can also use as separate plug-ins in your DAW.


Earn credits monthly to own the plug-ins forever. Learn more about Subscribe-to-own.


$14.99/month after trial. Terms apply*.

Pay with credit or debit
Mastering Engineers

Developed by mastering professionals

We teamed up with Jonathan Wyner, GRAMMY-nominated mastering engineer, author, and professor of music production, to develop Flow® and teach you how a mastering chain is set up.


Includes mastering chains built by Jonathan Wyner, Niels Nielsen, Magnus Lindberg, and Joakim Jarl 


"Designing Flows is a way of making the highly technical nature of the work that we do approachable. Flow really supports this journey, starting from high level goals and dropping down into the details"

Jonathan Wyner

Music Producers

Plug-ins used by the pros

Quality no one can argue with. Includes plug-ins endorsed by mastering and mixing professionals.




Flows for every situation

A Flow for every situation

Flows are professionally-built signal chains using macros to control parts of the chain, along with contextual information and visualizations. Each of the 13 Flows is crafted to suit a variety of genres and situations. 


Included Flows: Weiss Master, Organic Rock, Pop Production, Big Rock, Pop Dance, Starting Point, Beatmaker, Rock Production, Vocal Driven, Low End Control, Modern Master, Fast Forward, Clean and Wide 


Jonathan Wyner

Better than a subscription

Pay monthly, earn credits, and get access to several thousand dollars’ worth of mastering-grade tools. Find out how it works here.


$14.99/month after trial. Terms apply*.


Flows for every situation

The gold standard in mastering

The crystalline sound of Weiss Engineering heard on countless records is the backbone of Flow® Mastering Suite.


As used by Bob Katz, Deadmau5, Howie Weinberg



Jonathan Wyner

Already own plug-ins included in Flow® Mastering Suite?

Find out how this benefits you here.


Take control with the additional features

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Low Latency

Enable real-time tracking throughout the entire production process. 

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Set Target and Gain Match

Always be at the optimal input level. Easily compare the difference in sound without level changes

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Link/Unlink Parameters

Take control of individual parameters by unlinking them from the Flow controls.


$14.99/month after trial. Terms apply*.



16 professional mastering plug-ins included, get access to several thousand dollars’ worth of mastering-grade tools

Flows for every situation

You can also use all the included plug-ins separately as VST/AU/AAX plug-ins in your DAW.

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Bus Processor

With its special mix of compression, saturation and spatialization, Bus Processor provides musical glue for your master bus, making your mix sound like a record.

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Chandler Limited® Curve Bender

A royal staple in the realm of analog tone-shaping. Add silky top-end, mid clarity, and tight lows to your tracks with this highly musical mastering equalizer.

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Chandler Limited® Germanium

An epic mojo machine that provides color & character to Flow. That low end color is massively sweet.

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Chandler Limited® Zener Limiter

Adds loads of vintage-style, punch, character and grit when you need it. Get creative with this one.

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Peak Clipper


A highly versatile clipper tool with lots of tricks up its sleeve. With its dual clipping stages, analog color options and clever filtering options, you’ll have no issues getting your master as loud as they need to be.

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OPTO Compressor

One of THE most classic compressors, hailed for its smoothness and warmth. Use it for colorful parallel compression in Flow Mastering Suite.

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Tape Emulation


When you need to glue your mix together with the warmth, compression, color and grit that only the sound of a reel-to-reel machine can bring.

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Tube-Tech Equalizers Mk II

The blue, tubey sound of one of the most recognizable passive EQ:s in the world of audio production. Get an instant sheen and finish by using the Lo/Hi End trick macro in Flow Mastering Suite.

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Multiband Compressor

Tube-Tech SMC 2B

Get instant multiband magic with this authentic, three-band opto compressor. Perfect for taming the low end in your mixes, or your mids or highs, for that matter.

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Weiss Compressor/Limiter

The smooth, transparent compression sound from the gold-standard in mastering.

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Weiss Deess

The go-to digital hardware de-essing unit used in top mastering studios the world over, now available in Flow Mastering Suite. Use this to tame any harshness in your mixes.

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Weiss DS1-MK3

The DS1-MK3 in Flow Mastering Suite is used to de-ess, compress and limit your mixes with the famously transparent sound of Weiss. It’s the pro mastering engineer's dream come true, now in your hands.

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Weiss EQ1

The Weiss EQ1 is known to be the standard in digital mastering EQs. Sculpt your mixes with dazzling sound quality and flexibility.

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Weiss EQ MP

Achieve stunning clarity in your mixes with surgical precision. Based on a 1:1 code port of the minimum phase algorithm of Weiss EQ1.

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Weiss MM-1

Based on the esteemed and indispensable DS1-MK3, MM-1 lets you effortlessly achieve an authentic, polished Weiss mastering sound with the highest level of loudness you desire.

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Stereo Imager


Make your tracks stand out with this nifty spatial widening tool. Create depth, enhance the three-dimensional space, or narrow your mix to create more focus.



$14.99/month after trial. Terms apply*.


Flows for every situation

Want to design your own Flows?

If you're a professional mixing or mastering engineer and would like to design your own Flows, contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included when subscribing to Flow® Mastering Suite?

- The Flow Mastering Suite plug-in.
- A collection of unique signal chain Flows built by mastering professionals.
- 16 high-end mastering plug-ins available in Flow® Mastering Suite and as separate VST/AU/AAX plug-ins.
- Credits you can use to buy the plug-ins perpetually.

Can I use the plug-ins included in Flow® Mastering Suite separately as VST/AU/AAX plug-ins?

Yes. The included plug-ins will show up in your DAW as separate plug-ins after installing Flow® Mastering Suite.

Can I buy Flow® Mastering Suite perpetually or run it without an active subscription?
The easiest way to get all the value from Flow® Mastering Suite is to subscribe. However, if you already own plug-ins included in Flow® Mastering Suite, you can run the Flows that use those plug-ins. You get access to the Flow® Mastering Suite plug-in by starting a subscription, and the Flows for which you own all the plug-ins will still work even after canceling the subscription.

I own Console 1, how does Console 1 relate to Flow® Mastering Suite?

Flow® Mastering Suite cannot be controlled by Console 1. However, all the included plug-ins can be loaded within the Console 1 Mixing System to build custom channel strips. Learn more here.

Can I customize the Flows with my favorite plug-in, edit the signal chain, or create my own macros?

At this point, the Flows are built to deliver the sound of the very purposefully built signal chains and workflows by professional mastering engineers. However, we would love to hear about your experiences using Flow® Mastering Suite, so please contact us with any suggestion on what you would like to see improve!

I already own plug-ins included in Flow® Mastering Suite. How does this benefit me?

If you already have perpetual licenses for some of the plug-ins included in Flow® Mastering Suite, you might already have perpetual access to one or more Flows - depending on what plug-ins you own.

To get access to Flow Mastering Suite plug-in and the Flows that you own, please sign up for a free trial of the Flow subscription. This gives you access to the Flow® Mastering Suite plug-in that you can use perpetually, using the Flows for which you own all the plug-ins that the Flow is made up of.

If you choose to become a paying subscriber, each month you will gain credits that can be used towards purchasing perpetual licenses of the plug-ins you don't already own, getting you closer to owning more Flows.


How do Flow® Mastering Credits work?

Each month of paid subscription you are awarded 30 Flow® Mastering Suite credits. These can be used to gain perpetual ownership over plug-ins included in Flow® Mastering Suite. Read more here. 

What payment methods are there?

We accept credit cards and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Paypal).

*No charge during the trial period. Thereafter 14.99 USD/month. Terms apply. Offer only applies to customers who have not already tried Flow® Mastering Suite.

  • System requirements

    • Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
    • Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11
    • Softube account
    • iLok account
    • Computer with AU, VST, VST3 and/or AAX compatible DAW host software
    • Internet access (for downloading installers and managing licenses)

    Read full System Requirements and our Terms and Conditions. 

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