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The character you've idolized, the features you need

Three revered compressors perfectly captured for the utmost authenticity. One iconic collection with cutting-edge features fit for a modern workflow. Discover Icons: The Compressor Collection.

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23 tips for '23

We rounded up twenty-three of our best tips to help start 2023 on the right note. Get them all in this epic compilation.

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IR packs, pedals & more for Amp Room

Amp Room now has five fresh IR Producer Packs from well-known producers, engineers, and guitarists. Plus, two new pedalsBass Octave and Integrated Preamplifier—inspired by rare and classic hardware. And more. No additional download required!

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Logic Pro control surface support for Console 1

Harness the incredible power of Logic Pro. Apple Logic Pro control surface support is now available for Console 1 Mixing System. Learn how Console 1 and Console 1 Fader let you mix with the integrative look and feel of Logic Pro.

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DAW compatibility with Console 1

Console 1 Mixing System gives you the sound of analog desks and in-the-box ease—in all major DAWs. With Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, FL Studio, Cockos Reaper, Cakewalk by BandLab/Sonar, MOTU Digital Performer, and Harrison Mixbus you can enhance your workflow even further. Click to learn more about how Console 1 interacts with your specific DAW.

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MusicRadar: five stars for Model 82

In a recent review, MusicRadar dubbed Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth “a future classic.” Read on to learn how Model 82 “inspires from the moment that you plug it in.

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5 Things to Watch Out for When Choosing a Tape Plug-in

Tape emulations breathe life into a production by adding warmth, glue, and creative energy to a mix. With so many options in tape plug-ins, it can be hard to choose, so we've picked the five most important things to remember when selecting yours.

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Perfectly imperfect lo-fi reverb.

With an inspiring interface and key features—like variable sample rate and selectable aliasing filter types—Wasted Space is the reverb to grab when you need extreme digital lo-fi character fast. Learn what makes it ideal for sound design and creative productions.

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The comeback club kid.

The original is a techno idol. And our Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth plug-in faithfully captures its sound and feel. Including the inspirational sequencer and arpeggiator. Find out more about our most-perfect emulation of the most-used mono synth of the late '80s and early '90s.

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Immerse your sound in world-class reverb

From Softube and the studio that launched ABBA. Two of the best-sounding reverb chambers in the world. Perfectly captured in plug-in form. With added modern features, intuitive parameters, and a straightforward workflow. Uncover Atlantis Dual Chambers.

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Vocalize your vision

Introducing Vocoder. Featuring a six-voice carrier synth with MIDI capability and a simple Attack Hold Decay Envelope, plus a visionary Freeze section. Vocoder gives you the feel of vintage machines and the sound quality and workflow of Softube. Let your vision sing through any source.

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Dirty Tape with dälek

Join dälek in the studio as he talks through using Dirty Tape for getting back the noise and grit from the gear he started out on. Whether for nostalgia, because it sounds ace, or probably both, Dirty Tape is the ultimate plug-in for warm, analog vibes.

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Twenty-two Tips for 2022

We rounded up twenty-two of our best tips to help you kick off 2022 right. See them all in this epic compilation.

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Instant lo-fi modulation & distortion.

If you love our Tape, Tape Echoes, Harmonics, and Saturation Knob plug-ins, you’re gonna dig our new tape dirt machine effect. Dirty Tape can take your tracks from dull to full color in a flash. It's the perfect tool to add lo-fi modulation and distortion to samples, instruments, and beats.

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And the nominees are...

We're blushing. Two TEC Awards nominations?! The voting is now open. The resoundingly dirty Tape Echoes is on the Signal Processing Software-Effects ballot. And the super-stacked Amp Room: Marshall Edition is nominated in the Musical Instrument Software category. Will they make it onto the winner cards? You decide.

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MusicTech Gear of the Year nominees: Model 84 & Model 72

Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer and Model 72 Synthesizer System are MusicTech Gear of the Year award nominees. Model 84 and Model 72—holders of MusicTech Excellence and Choice awards, respectively—made the shortlist for Best Soft Synth. Learn more about what makes the Model 84 and Model 72 so worthy. 

Best workflow ever: the Console 1 update is here

The most comprehensive update to date for our groundbreaking and award-winning plug-in controller, Softube Console 1 Mixing System, is live. With it comes increased control over the drive and width sections, advanced visuals and metering, improved frequency analysis, and the ability to load distortion plug-ins—like Softube Tape—in the shape section. And more. Meet the demands of modern music production head-on with Softube Console 1.

learn more about console 1 mixing system

Duff McKagan & Cameron Webb talk Lemmy

Listen in on superstar Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan and longtime Motörhead producer Cameron Webb as they discuss famed frontman Lemmy Kilmister and his legendary sound. A sound authentically captured in our new Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature plug-in. Created with Marshall and Motörhead, it offers the true tones of rock & roll and punk rock for guitar, bass, and more.
© 2021 Motörhead Under license by Global Merchandising Services Ltd

Learn more about Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature

Softube + Focusrite: silver and Scarlett

Now, Focusrite’s Scarlett, Clarett, and Red ranges come with Softube’s Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 amp emulation. A hit among high-profile guitarists, Marshall Silver Jubilee offers red-hot rock tones and renowned Marshall heritage.

Softube + Universal Audio: amp up the Volts

Universal Audio’s new Volt range of interfaces comes with Softube’s Marshall Plexi Classic and Time & Tone Bundle. Get the amp that defined rock & roll, plus reverb, delay, compression, and saturation plug-ins to boot.

New Amp Room & Modular additions

More Softube plug-ins now feature modules for our pro audio guitar and bass platform, Amp Room, and our Eurorack platform, Modular. Saturation Knob, a Softube Originals plug-in, is ready for Amp Room. And Fix Flanger and Doubler, as well as Fix Phaser, now feature modules for both Amp Room and Modular.

New U.S. Payment Provider

We now offer improved payment processing and more card options with Stripe. Customers in the United States can now shop using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB. Our customer support services are available via the same channels, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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Goodbye IR loaders. Hello control.

In collaboration with the makers of the world's most famous loudspeakers comes Softube Celestion Speaker Shaper. Inspiring and easy-to-use as a native plug-in or in Amp Room, Celestion Speaker Shaper is the ultramodern way to shape speaker tones for guitar, bass, keyboard, synths, and more.

Learn more about Celestion speaker shaper

The ace of amps.

Now, the genuine sound of Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister is available as a native plug-in and for Amp Room. Featuring Lemmy’s Marshall Super Bass 100W amp and his unique custom cabs, it's the true tone of rock & roll and punk rock for bass and guitar.

Learn more about Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature

Overstayer M-A-S: Shape, sculpt, & saturate—in high-fidelity.

Handmade in Los Angeles by Jeff Turzo, Overstayer is something of an underground phenomenon. Our Overstayer M-A-S plug-ins offer the same saturation and peak-bending capabilities as the hardware in two new, enhanced versions: the do-it-all guru M-A-S and the tone-sculpting Svengali M-A-S Extended. Masterfully modeled, the harmonic shaping duo is a professional mix engineer’s secret weapon for adding energy to tracks, gluing buses, and enhancing mixes.

Learn more about Overstayer M-A-S

British Class A: Classic British sound, unbuttoned.

The British Class A channel strip makes everything sound better with its fat and deep bottom-end, silky-smooth top-end, and depth-and-width-creating saturation. Loads of musical British console color lets you lock into the tone heard on hit records from Queen, to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Learn more about British class a

Extended Features: Integrated control, improved workflow.

We love vintage emulations, but we want modern precision and workflow. That’s why we created Softube Extended Features. The easy-access panels put contemporary utilities right at your fingertips with no need for extra tools. Now available on over 60 of your favorite Softube plug-ins.

Learn more about Extended Features

The Official Softube & Weiss Buying Guide

Weiss Engineering is synonymous with sound quality, and we’ve developed quite a collection of high-end plug-ins in close collaboration with Daniel Weiss himself. Click below to learn more about all of them and how they work together.

See which Weiss is right for you

Amp Room: Marshall Edition. Out now.

Marshall-stacked, value-packed. Go all-in on the heritage and prestige of the Marshall Sound with the addition of legendary Marshall amps classic Marshall cabs to the already loaded—and updated—Amp Room pro audio guitar and bass platform.

Learn more

Softube Live Highlights: Tape Echoes

Can’t get enough of our new Tape Echoes plug-in? We’ve taken all the best bits about it from our June 15th live stream, and compiled them in this highlights video. Check it out, learn more about it and enjoy to the live sound examples.

Learn more about Tape Echoes

Softube Live Highlights: Amp Room

Missed the June 15th live stream? Catch up with the Amp Room segment in this highlights video. Enjoy the live walkthrough of everything that got updated and numerous sound examples.

Learn more about Amp Room

Out now: Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Reintroducing 1984. Circuit modeled from a majorly righteous polyphonic synth that went on to outrun its era, Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer is a perfect facsimile of the original hardware with all the same quirks and linearities–plus some fresh innovations. It's the resurrection of a polyphonic icon.

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Softube & Empirical Labs: a partnership made in analog heaven

Empirical Labs, under the leadership of the pro audio icon Dave Derr, is on a mission to make innovative, long-lasting equipment that’s a riot to use. Part of that success is due to ELI's dedication to real-world testing and results. As well as the conviction to go past good enough. It’s an ethos we can get behind. And so, after fifteen years of friendship, fun, and a dedication to sound quality, we proudly introduce the Softube + Empirical Labs series.

Learn more about the Empirical Labs series

There's a console for every sound

Whatever sound you're making, there's a console to suit. Learn more about the sonic characteristics of each Console 1 add-on and find the perfect one for you.

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Volume 5 Plug-in Collection: Outstanding sound, supreme value

Carefully emulated and fanatically curated, Volume 5 is a windfall of remarkable-sounding instruments and tools created in collaboration with industry vanguards like Weiss, Summit Audio, Drawmer, Marshall, and more. Address your studio needs while ensuring that all aspects of your production process are executed with unimpeachable sound quality and pure authenticity. Mix and master with gear that gives your sound the status it deserves.

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A note from Softube

Many of you have asked us why we haven’t made a statement after the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Because of our previous silence about any human rights or political matters, we initially thought that our statement could be seen as a sign of trendy “political correctness” or a way for us to hide behind PR language.

We were wrong.

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Softube & Tube-Tech: Making modern classics together

Softube’s partnership with Tube-Tech began with a train ride through a snowy Denmark to visit John G. Petersen from Lydkraft, Danish for “sound power”, and the company behind the blue Tube-Tech gear including the Tube-Tech CL 1B compressor. TC Electronic wanted the CL 1B as a flagship compressor plug-in for its Powercore platform and arranged this meeting between Softube and Lydkraft, one of Softube’s first projects with a third party.

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Build It With Modular

Softube Modular is all about imagination and limitless creation. Here's a few examples of how we use Modular both as a powerful instrument, a versatile effects processor, and everything in-between. 


New native Marshall plug-ins and Amp Room expansions. Out now.

We recently released three legendary Marshall amp sims as native plug-ins and modules for our pro audio platform Amp Room.

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Softube & Weiss: the stellar partnership is back

The world champ of digital mastering equalizers is now in plug-in form. The Weiss EQ1’s triumphant sonic qualities and flexibility make it the most highly-prized equalizer in the game. Softube’s plug-in version is a line-by-line port of the original with a higher sample rate, improved ergonomics, and increased functionality.

Learn more about EQ1 & other Weiss products

Hip-Hop production & engineering with Paul "Willie Green" Womack

Paul "Willie Green" Womack is a producer, engineer, and songwriter based in New York. Enjoy this video, where he talks about hip-hop mixing and engineering as an art form, and walks through key parts of his work.

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DAW compatibility with Console 1

The Console 1 ecosystem gives you the sound quality of analog mixing desks, with the convenience of an in-the-box workflow, in all major DAWs: Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Cockos Reaper, Cakewalk by Bandlab/Sonar, Presonus Studio One, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Pro Tools, and more.

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Video: Live in the Studio with Jolea and Console 1 Fader

Watch how Finnish artist and producer Jolea takes ambient recordings and processes them in Ableton Live with the tactile experience of Console 1 Fader.

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Mastering Tools

The last chain for your song, and the last chance to make or break it – the master bus is somewhere to focus serious attention if you want seriously premium-sounding results.

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Introducing the new Preset Collection

There is more to a great plug-in than the sound quality it imparts on your tracks. Workflow and user-friendliness are arguably equally important. To that end, we are proud to finally announce the completely overhauled Preset Collection, already available in the most recent update of all native Softube plug-ins.

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Time for FX

Top-quality effects are a must if you're serious about your sound. Whether it's reverb or flanging, bitcrushing or phasing, Softube has you covered with class-leading audio processors and creative fun-boxes.


Ebook: 5 Ways Console 1 Helps You to Mix Faster and Better

How do you mix faster without sacrificing quality? The answer is simple – take a look at your workflow. This brief ebook suggests 5 ways our Console 1 ecosystem can make your mixing experience a joy, and help you turn out awesome mixes faster than ever.

Learn more and download your ebook

New to Modular: Vermona Random Rhythm

The Random Rhythm module is a little bit like Frankenstein’s monster: robustly built with a passionate soul—but also, good-looking. Created in collaboration with German-based Vermona, whose musical heritage producing amplifiers and organs dates back decades, Random Rhythm is an exacting model of the original random-based, dual-channel trigger sequencer hardware. Concocted specifically for Modular, Random Rhythm lets imagination off-leash while maintaining full control over what’s being sequenced. It says random in the name, but there’s a method to the madness.

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New to Modular: MIDI Step Sequencer

A Rewrite of the Classic Sequencer. Based on the storied Roland SH-101 and TB-303 step sequencers but with some plot twists all our own. The MIDI Step Sequencer contains 64 programmable steps, each able to contain a note on pitch or rest, tie, and accent. The MIDI Step Sequencer is now available as a standard module for Modular.

Learn more about Softube Modular

Using Console 1 with Ableton Live

Ableton Live is fully compatible with the Console 1 ecosystem. Whether you use Live in the studio or on the stage, tactile control of your most important DAW parameters inspires your production and performance to be even more musical. We created a video series showcasing the possibilities.

Watch the videos

Musically fine-tuned, meticulously re-created

Far from just a compressor, the new Chandler Limited® Germanium Compressor plug-in is a mojo, color and character machine that almost feels like a musical instrument.

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When heritage meets rock & roll science

Softube & Marshall are proud to announce two new native amplifier plug-ins. Click through to read more about the Plexi Super Lead 1959the Kerry King Signatureand our decade-long partnership with Marshall.

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Console 1 Fader - Sound On Sound review

"A very well thought-out companion to the original Console 1, it’s much more than just a fader controller."

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Console 1 Fader tips

In this video series, we demonstrate some of the features that help you achieve faster and better mixes.

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Modular preset pack by FM Einheit

Industrial and electronic musician FM Einheit has created 46 sparking, buzzing, and brawling presets for our software Eurorack platform, Modular.

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The perfect vocals

A seriously professional production needs slick, clear, characterful vocals. Read more about our picks to create a premium vocal chain. 

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100 new Parallels presets by Bjulin

Composer and sound designer Bjulin has created 100 additional downloadable presets for Parallels, our unique soft synth for special occasions.

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ManyFew - Sounds of the Summer

Swedish DJ/Producer duo ManyFew are here to give us their five Sounds of the Summer: music production tips to turn your fruits and juices into Kir Royale. Call it mixology!


Console 1 Power User Tips

Softube Console 1 is a unique and powerful tool, carefully designed to improve your mixing workflow. In this video series, we demonstrate some of the features that help you achieve faster and better mixes. Enjoy!


Summer in the Studio with Dave Isaac

Dave Isaac is a 3-times Grammy Award-winning producer who, in a career spanning more than 4 decades so far, has worked with huge artists like Bruno Mars, Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, and Stevie Wonder, amongst many others.


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