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  • The authentic rock & roll and punk rock sounds of Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister for bass and guitar
  • A precise model of Lemmy’s famous Marshall Super Bass 100W, affectionately called Murder One
  • Lemmy’s rare cabinet setup captured by long-time Motörhead producer Cameron Webb
  • Two versions included: Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature and Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature for Amp Room

Guitar & Bass Amp / Amp Room Ready

Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature

USD 99


Conjure up Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister. Do you see him? Bass in hand, in front of a backline of Marshall amps and cabs, a modified Super Bass 100W—emblazoned with Murder One—in pride of place.

The legends Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page used the Super Bass 100W, but Lemmy made it legendary. Now, this rare rig is available for the first time in plug-in form as a Softube exclusive. Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature is a precise emulation of the rebel rocker's original amp and custom cabs. The embodiment of heavy metal history, it's perfectly suited for rock & roll and punk rock sounds for both bass and guitar. Softube Murder One. It's built to win.


The Art of Rock & Roll Science 

Softube has a long history modeling professional gear. Our collaboration with premium pro audio brands like Marshall, Tube-Tech, Chandler Limited®, and Empirical Labs has spanned nearly two decades. When it comes to creating software that sounds precisely like the hardware counterparts, our reputation is rock solid.

This legacy is the foundation of Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature. When creating it, we took the exacting approach we have become known for: expert modeling, precise testing, and careful fine-tuning. Because to create software that is equal to or greater than the original gear, everything must be perfect. Nothing less.


"This plugin was crafted from one of Lemmy’s favorite amps. We spent time trying to get it as close as the real thing and it sounds great. Turn it up and play away."

Cameron Webb
Grammy award winner and long time Motörhead producer

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Born to Raise Hell

This time, when we set out to make modeling magic with Marshall, we had a bass amp in mind. What we got with Murder One is a deeply soulful Frankenstein's monster. Not only did the rare tone of Lemmy's Super Bass 100W help build the legendary band Motörhead, but it laid the foundation for Metallica and every other group in the genre. Softube Murder One gives you a workflow that is set up just like Lemmy’s rig. It's his amp, his cabs, his long-time producer, and his preferred studio. It's uncompromising—just like the man himself.


Louder Than Noise

The Marshall Super Bass 100W is one of the most-coveted and hard-to-get amps in existence. Over the years, bass and guitar players alike have made it their amp of choice. It's warm, musically sweet, and, often, deafeningly loud. Murder One accurately captures both the roar and the responsiveness. You get the true character and features of the cult-classic amp in one ace plug-in for both guitar and bass.


Rock Out

At his Maple Sound Studios in California, Motörhead’s Grammy Award-winning producer Cameron Webb captured the precise cabinet setup Lemmy used in-house and on the road: a Marshall MF280L 4x12″ and a Marshall 1979L 4x15″. Murder One’s faders each represent a cabinet and the microphone selectors for the cabinets. You can blow out your guitar tones with the oversized 4x15″ cab. Or mix and match microphones for the perfect setup.


Built for Speed

Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature features numerous presets to help you quickly draw the heavy tones you crave. Long-time Motörhead producer Cameron Webb created several presets based on Lemmy’s sound so you can dial up larger-than-life character instantly. No matter which preset you use, Murder One will give you vicious bass and guitar tones for your rock & roll and punk rock projects.


Thunder and Lightning

Murder One is flush with value and versatility for Amp Room, the pro audio guitar and bass platform. It offers Lemmy’s Marshall Super Bass 100W amp and his unique cabinet section in two separate modules. With the presets for Amp Room, you can dial up Lemmy vibes without fuss—or go rogue. Use the amp for guitar—or bass—and then combine it with pedals and effects to get the precise rock & roll and punk rock tones you’re after.


What's Included

Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature native

A 1:1 component model of his Marshall Super Bass 100W, with his one-of-a-kind cabinet setup captured by long-time Motörhead producer Cameron Webb, Murder One is the genuine sound of Lemmy Kilmister. Use it as a native plug-in in your DAW to get the big, fat rock & roll and punk rock sounds that Lemmy and Motörhead made famous.

Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature for Amp Room

The two Murder One modules available for our pro guitar and bass platform, Amp Room, are a winning pair—to say the least. With one module for Lemmy's Super Bass 100W amp and another that features his unique cabinet section, you'll be more than ready to make some nasty guitar and bass tones for rock & roll and punk rock.

In short

  • A fully-loaded native plug-in that offers the authentic rock & roll and punk rock sounds of Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister for bass and guitar
  • A precise model of the Mashall Super Bass 100W featuring two channels, three-band EQ, and three 12AX7 pre-amp tubes
  • Dual cabs expertly captured by long-time Motörhead producer Cameron Webb: MF280L 4x12″ and the oversized 1979L 4x15″
  • The mic setup used to achieve Lemmy’s sound as positioned by Cameron Webb and featuring SM7B, MD421, SM57, and D12 VR microphones
  • Guitar and bass presets that epitomize Lemmy’s distinctive sound
  • Amp Room-ready with two modules that feature Lemmy’s Murder One amp and his unique cab setup
  • Product features

    • Super accurate component modeled software version of Lemmy of Motörhead’s signature Marshall amp
    • Developed by Softube in partnership with Marshall
    • Comes as a Native plug-in and Amp Room modules in one package
    • Lemmy’s Marshall cabinets, captured and recorded by Motörhead’s producer Cameron Webb. 
    • Choose between 5 different classic microphones in different positions with the possibility to use 2 at a time
    • Comes with 11 presets made by Cameron Webb for both the native version and Amp Room
  • System requirements

    • Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
    • Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11
    • Softube account
    • iLok account
    • Computer with AU, VST, VST3 and/or AAX compatible DAW host software
    • Internet access (for downloading installers and managing licenses)

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