In-your-face tones for heavy productions.




  • An Amp Room suite stacked with cabs, pedals, effects, and amps with names like Marshall, Vildsint, Higain & American Mainstayer
  • Includes the Amp Room platform, four amps, seven cabs, ten stompboxes, 13 effects and utilities, microphone options, presets, and more
  • Featuring cabinet IR captures with moveable microphones, plus a parametric equalizer for added tone shaping


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Guitar & Bass Platform

Amp Room Metal Suite

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Amp Room Metal Suite is everything you need for epically heavy productions. Key pieces of kit include the Vildsint 50W 6L6, the Higain 100W 6L6, the American Mainstayer 100W, and the Marshall JCM800 Lead Series amps, with pedals, cabinets, and effects to round out this robust and raucous collection.


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Metal Suite

Suite Mode is an intuitive workflow with hand-selected sets of gear that let you quickly get the sounds you want with Metal Suite. You have easy access to your amps and cabs, as well as the pedal and effects sections. If you want to go further into tone shaping, you can switch to Studio Mode.



What's included


Marshall JCM800 Lead Series 

The classic JCM800 fully embodies the essence of the Marshall tone. The Master Volume allows for advanced tone sculpting. With the preamp on full and a low master volume, you get a tight overdriven sound. The opposite setting gives you looser and more vintage-sounding distortion.

Vildsint 50W 6L6

A wild yet versatile modern high-gain guitar amp, Vildsint 50W 6L6 is an utter beast. The three channels and two built-in boosts will propel your riffs into modern metal heaven. The rumbling lows, perfect for downtuned guitars, with percussive punch and clarity, are unique to this tube-fueled predator.

Higain 100W 6L6

This German high-gain 100W amp packs a lot of mid-frequency punch with its smooth-to-aggressive distortion. Its unforgiving nature (due to its ability to articulate even the most heavily distorted tones) is its main feature. Thrashier riffs will also feel at home on this amp, as palm-muting is one of its fortes.

American Mainstayer 100W

Does this amp need an introduction? Few have had such a tremendous impact on distorted and high-gain music. The American Mainstayer 100W features two channels. Channel One is excellent for crunchy, hard rock tones and has heavy, low frequencies in spades. Channel Two is tweaked to the demands of high-gain metal.








Studio FX


Full list of included gear

  • Vildsint 50W 6L6
  • Higain 100W 6L6
  • American Mainstayer 100W
  • Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series

  • American Oversized 4x12
  • MUG 4x12
  • German Viper 4x12
  • Higain Vintage 4x12
  • Marshall 8412 4x12
  • British Closed 2x12

  • Kleen 22 clean boost
  • Softube Tube overdrive
  • Softube EQnäs EQ
  • Softube Rökstenen distortion
  • Softube ODR overdrive
  • Integrated Preamplifier preamp
  • Softube Wild Boar
  • Softube Trollegater
  • Softube Doom Chvrch
  • Kraft

Studio FX
  • Softube RoomIR
  • American Class A 55 EQ
  • American Class A 25 Comp

  • Fully redesigned user interface
  • 7 microphone options
  • 12 effects and utilities
  • Custom IR loader
  • 8 IR Producer Packs
  • A curated set of great-sounding presets
  • Customizable signal chains
  • Expandable with other Amp Room Suites and Amp Room Ready Softube products


Want to know more about the Amp Room platform?

Discover the pro audio guitar and bass platform that lets you create realistic sounds like you would in a high-end studio full of hand-selected gear.




  • System requirements

    • Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
    • Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11
    • Softube account
    • iLok account
    • Computer with AU, VST, VST3 and/or AAX compatible DAW host software
    • Internet access (for downloading installers and managing licenses)

    Read full System Requirements and our Terms and Conditions 

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