Softube & Tube-Tech: Making modern classics together


We've been working closely with Tube-Tech since 2006 to bring you legendary blue gear in digital form.


Our partnership with Tube-Tech started with a train ride through snowy Denmark to visit John G. Petersen of Lydkraft. Danish for sound power, Lydkraft is the company behind iconic blue gear like the Tube-Tech CL 1B compressor.

According to Torsten Gatu, now VP of Product Management at Softube, expectations were high. Convincing John of the advantages of digital versus analog was a challenge. In the end, he put a great deal of trust into Torsten and Arvid Rosén (Softube VP of Research & Development), two young engineers asking all kinds of questions about the design of the CL 1B while frantically taking notes and trying to get to the bottom of the fixed/manual attack/release setting. “John was patient. I think his background as a schoolteacher really paid off there,” Torsten recalls.

The creation of the Softube CL 1B plug-in was followed by the PE 1C and ME 1B equalizers. It's estimated that this Tube-Tech range has been ported to more platforms than any other plug-in on the market, a feat accomplished through close collaboration with John. Our Tube-Tech plug-ins remain some of the most popular Softube products and our proudest achievements. “They also stay firmly placed on my vocal track at all times!” Torsten added.



"A truly faithful and very exact replica of the hardware CL 1B. Finally it's possible to experience natural musical compression in a plug-in."

John G. Petersen
Designer and President of Tube-Tech




"It's perfect for a vocal chain, bass channel, or even the entire stereo mix. I love the air of the top end and the compressor is versatile enough to do subtle mix compression or the aggressive bass or drum compression needed for modern pop music."

Joe Chiccarelli about Tube-Tech Complete Collection
(Beck, U2, The Strokes, Elton John)

Complete Collection


Featuring the PE 1C and ME 1B ‘Pultec’-style equalizers and the world-famous CL 1B optical compressor, Tube-Tech Complete Collection gives you the warm, punchy, true-blue analog sound of the real-deal processors found in studios the world over.

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Compressor Collection


An update on a classic, the Tube-Tech Compressor Collection includes the legacy CL 1B compressor and a total sonic remodel done with the latest signal processing technology, CL 1B Mk II. It’s perfect for vocals, drums, and bass.

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Equalizer Collection


Tube-Tech equalizers are perfect for timeless analog tone-shaping. This collection includes the classic PE 1C and ME 1B combined, plus legacy versions of each. Use them to give character and style to drums, synths, vocals, guitars, strings, bass, and more.

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