ManyFew - Sounds of the Summer


Swedish DJ/Producer duo ManyFew are here to give us their five Sounds of the Summer: music production tips to turn your fruits and juices into Kir Royale. Call it mixology!


Parallels: Tropical Pluck

Bright and colourful source sounds and a snappy amp envelope are the key to this delicious citric pluck sound in Parallels.

Monoment: Club Bass

Get the floor thumping with a huge low-end hook. Based on a Monoment preset, and with a few simple tweaks to the built-in effects, this one's dripping heat.

Heartbeat: Disco Percussion

A classic four-on-the-floor groove has been the beat of summer since before a lot of us were born. Use Heartbeat for warm, organic disco magic, and dance the night away.

TSAR-1: More Cowbell

Carnival beats and crazy percussion evoke a sense of hot party pleasure wherever they're heard. Help the cowbell get heard with a lovely spacious ambience.

American Class A: Mixing Saxophone

A sultry sax on a summer night can tip the balance from festival to fantasy. So make sure it's mixed right with the scorching American Class A.