Modular preset
pack by FM Einheit


When I first got acquainted to Modular it was like meeting an old friend. You drink some beer and spend some time together. Soon I had about 20 tracks together and the idea to make a Modular album.

Coincidentally the media archeologist David Link, with whom I have already collaborated on the album Echohce with vocals by Jamie Lidell, came up with the idea to write a generative song cycle "Radar Angel" using his poetry machine to generate the lyrics.

So we fed the machine with names of the modules and synths forms like: OSC, FM, pingable, wave folder… Here are some results from the song cycle and the Modular presets for the whole project.


Free Download:
Modular preset pack by FM Einheit

Frank-Martin Strauß, known under the stage name FM Einheit, is an industrial and electronic musician from Dortmund, Germany. As a member of acts like Einstürzende Neubauten and as a solo artist, FM has built up an impressive discography of albums, singles, art projects, and film and theater scores. One of his most recent works is the Exposition d'un Rêve LP, a musical interpretation of dreams written by 12 artists, including Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth.
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