Mastering Tools


The last chain for your song, and the last chance to make or break it – the master bus is somewhere to focus serious attention if you want seriously premium-sounding results. That’s why the highest praise a processor can get is to call it ‘mastering grade’. Now’s a great time to treat yourself to some (or all) of these mastering grade plug-ins, and finish with a flourish.


Where to begin?

The Chandler Limited® Curve Bender has class, heritage, and most importantly of all, great-sounding analog circuitry. Based on desk circuits from EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, used to record and process albums by the likes of the Beatles and Pink Floyd, and expanded with more filter points and equalizer bands into a powerful modern tool, this mastering EQ is the perfect place to start.

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Next, you’ll want control of dynamics

But not just simple, broadband control – detailed multi-band control. Ideally with quality analog components, modeled painstakingly to give the best and most authentic sound possible. The three bands of the Drawmer 1973 will allow you to punch up the low end, while smoothing the highs, or give the vocals a final polish without making the kick drum boomy at the same time.

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There’s nothing better than finishing work on a song, playing it to people, and hearing “that’s brilliant!”​

Still needs sparkle?

There’s nothing better than finishing work on a song, playing it to people, and hearing “that’s brilliant!” Sometimes a bit of brilliance is all you need to tip the track over the edge, and the Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack is designed to give you just that. Three boutique, hand-made boxes are modeled for this plug-in collection, each offering a subtly different approach to bringing sparkling, airy high frequencies.

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And take it to the limit

Finally, compress and limit with the most advanced algorithmic dynamics processor out there – the Weiss DS1-MK3. Transparent, authoritative, professional. It’s the gold standard of mastering dynamics processors because top engineers around the world can’t do without it. Make your mixes bigger, louder, more alive, with world-renowned Weiss technology, code-ported to a plug-in format for the first time.

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There’s no naysaying a beautifully mastered track. Finish your songs with the same passion and pride they get started with, by stocking up on top-quality processors. Your listeners will appreciate it.


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