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Summit Audio Grand Channel for Console 1

Now Console 1 owners can use Summit Audio Grand Channel in an adapted and tightly integrated version, which actually expands on the sonic options compared to the standard Summit Audio Grand Channel plug-in. It is available for free to owners of both Summit Audio Grand Channel and Console 1.

The Grand Channel combines the warm and smooth tone sculpting Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer with the rich sounding and dead-easy-to-use Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor. With the Console 1 adaptation, the Summit Audio Grand Channel integrates seamlessly into the Console 1 workflow. The Shape section uses the gate and Transient Shaper from the SSL SL 4000 E.

More Drive Options
Using Grand Channel with Console 1 even expands the sonic options compared to what you get with the standard plug-in version: To add some grit and character to your tracks, the Drive knob can be used to overdrive the input stage of the TLA-100A compressor, just as in the standard plug-in. But with Console 1, you can set the Drive Character knob so you overdrive the EQF-100 instead—or you can get any blend between the two. The difference in distortion character is rather striking and this feature adds wider sonic options to your mixing workflow.

In Short

  • Hands-on control of Summit Audio Grand Channel
  • Flexible and easy to use with huge sonic range
  • Each and every component carefully modeled
  • Using Drive Character adds the option of getting the EQF-100 saturation, instead of only TLA-100A as with the plug-in

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