Out Now: Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-In
Feb 3, 2016

The newly released UAD Software 8.5 includes Softube's fourth Marshall guitar amp plug-in for Universal Audio's UAD/Apollo platform—the JMP 2203.

UAD-2/Apollo users can download the software and activate the free demo period from Universal Audio's web site: www.uaudio.com​/store​/guitar-bass​/marshall-jmp2203.html

The Marshall JMP 2203 plug-in has been developed by Softube exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces It is an emulation of the legendary 100-watt amplifier used by everyone from Iron Maiden and Slayer, to Jeff Beck and My Bloody Valentine. All Marshall plug-ins on the UAD platform include Universal Audio's Unison technology, which means that Apollo user's guitar pickups will see the exact same impedance load as if they were plugged into a genuine vintage Marshall amp which is an exclusive feature found only on current Apollo audio interfaces.

Introduced in 1975, the JMP 2203 is widely regarded as one of Marshall's premier amplifier designs. The amp quickly caught on with a wide range of players, perhaps because of its abundance of dense crunch and power.

Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-In Key Features:

  • The world's only authentic and licensed plug-in emulation of the classic Marshall JMP 2203 amplifier
  • Unison technology for Apollo interfaces offers authentic tone, touch, and feel of original JMP 2203
  • Five essential virtual microphone options
  • Over 50 presets designed by legendary AC/DC engineer Tony Platt
  • Upgrade for owners of any UAD Marshall plug-in - $149