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Officially licensed & hand-modeled ENGL amps for the authentic Savage Mark II tone

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Featuring both the 120W and 60W versions of the ENGL Savage Mark II heads, plus five meticulously captured ENGL cabinets with moveable mics

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Includes the Amp Room platform, two amps, five cabs, four pedals, effects, and more

Guitar & Bass Platform

Amp Room ENGL Savage Mark II Suite

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Amp Room ENGL Savage Mark II Suite brings you the real roar of the ferocious ENGL Savage Mark II. With faithful models of both the 120W and 60W versions of the Savage Mark II amp heads, five ENGL cabinets, four pedals, and studio effects, this officially licensed Amp Room suite gives you access to the defining sound of the modern classic high-gain amp: the ENGL Savage Mark II.



Softube & ENGL Amplification: a partnership built to rock

The renowned emulation expertise of the Rock & Roll Scientists at Softube and the rich history of the genre-defining amp manufacturer ENGL Amplification: It's a combination that delivers the absolute best in amp modeling.

Amp Room ENGL Savage Mark II Suite is meticulously hand-crafted and component-modeled for authenticity by Softube's expert engineers — without the use of Artificial Intelligence. Players like Ritchie Blackmore, Paul Stanley, Steve Morse, Marty Friedman, and many more love ENGL amps. When you try the ENGL Savage Mark II Suite, we know you'll be equally enamored.


Authenticity AI can’t match

Artificial Intelligence can conjure up nearly anything. Amp sims included. But AI amp sims are mainly just a snapshot of the amp at a particular setting. You can change the bass, but it doesn't necessarily correspond to the actual bass knob on the actual amp.

Our amp sims are component modeled according to schematics. The physical amp is hand-measured in a lab, and the digital model is carefully adjusted to recreate the exact behavior of the hardware at any setting. That's why our amp sims don’t sound like every other amp sim on the market. They can’t. Because our amp sims are full of skill, knowledge, passion, and Rock & Roll Science. Just like the originals.


Have a listen


ENGL Savage Mark II Suite

Suite Mode is an intuitive workflow with hand-selected sets of gear that let you quickly get the sounds you want with ENGL Savage Mark II Suite. You have easy access to your amps and cabs, as well as the pedal and effects sections. If you want to go further into tone shaping, you can switch to Studio Mode.



What's included


For the ENGL Savage Mark II Suite, we chose to model not only the 120W version of this tube icon but its 60W sibling (featured in white, limited edition tolex), too. The power amp section of the 120W amp features ENGL 6550 power amp tubes, while the 60W version gives added tonal choice with its ENGL EL34 power amp tubes.


ENGL Savage Mark II

The remarkable dynamics and flexibility of the ENGL Savage Mark II make it an amp head's dream. The 3-band EQ for Channel 1 and Channel 2, retooled by celebrated ENGL amp designer Horst Langer, delivers tailored tones and comes equipped with Lean/Bold circuits to supply two distinct midrange characters. The Gain Lo/Hi circuit allows the Clean channel to transform into a Crunch mode in the Hi setting while the Lead channel gains added richness and weight. The Savage Mark II gives you roaring tones for modern guitar sounds with its four channels and a solid supply of sound-shaping abilities.


ENGL Savage Mark II Suite features five carefully captured ENGL cabinets. Ranging from 2x12 to an XXL 4x12, these cabs give the sonic variety necessary to create any Savage sound needed for your productions.

ENGL E412XXL BK 4x12

More is more! The ENGL XXL 4x12 cabinet delivers massive low end yet retains the tight mid characteristics for ENGL cabs. No matter how hard you push this cab, it can take it!
Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30

ENGL E412SGB Standard 4x12

The ENGL SGB 4x12 is equipped with V12-60 speakers, offering slightly scooped mids and tempered lows for an overall warm tone.
Speaker: Celestion Vintage 12-60

ENGL E212VHB Pro 2x12

Compact in size but big in sound. It is a mistake to see the 2x12 as inferior to a 4x12. It has qualities that are often preferred over a 4x12. This ENGL 2x12 delivers a formidable mid-punch second to none.
Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30

ENGL E412VGB Pro 4x12 

The classic ENGL cabinet from before all V30-loaded cabs were renamed PRO. Featured on more great albums than you can shake a stick at, it has everything associated with a great metal/hard rock guitar sound.
Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30

ENGL E412RG Retro Tube 4x12

Meticulously designed to produce the hard rock guitar sound of the '60s and '70s. Focused smooth mids with well-rounded lows.
Speaker: Celestion G12H Anniversary



For this Amp Room suite, we created a brand-new, versatile boost pedal, a low-end compressor pedal to tame or enhance palm-muted chuggs, a stereo delay for those soaring leads, and a reverb pedal to add extra space when needed.



Studio FX

Amp Room includes RoomIR, EQ and compressor modules from American Class A, and is compatible with a hand-picked selection of studio FX plug-ins.


Full list of included gear

  • ENGL Savage Mark II 120W
  • ENGL Savage Mark II 60W

  • ENGL E412XXL BK 4x12
  • ENGL E412SGB Standard 4x12
  • ENGL E212VHB Pro 2x12
  • ENGL E412VGB Pro 4x12
  • ENGL E412RG Retro Tube 4x12

  • Softube Sleipner Boost
  • Softube Midgårdsormen Low End Comp
  • Softube Särimner Stereo Delay
  • Softube Doom Chvrch Reverb

Studio FX
  • Softube RoomIR
  • American Class A 55 EQ
  • American Class A 25 Comp

  • Fully redesigned user interface
  • 7 microphone options
  • 12 effects and utilities
  • Custom IR loader
  • 8 IR Producer Packs
  • A curated set of great-sounding presets
  • Customizable signal chains
  • Expandable with other Amp Room Suites and Amp Room Ready Softube products


Want to know more about the Amp Room platform?

Discover the pro audio guitar and bass platform that lets you create realistic sounds like you would in a high-end studio full of hand-selected gear.




  • System requirements

    • Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
    • Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11
    • Softube account
    • iLok account
    • Computer with AU, VST, VST3 and/or AAX compatible DAW host software
    • Internet access (for downloading installers and managing licenses)

    Read full System Requirements and our Terms and Conditions 

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