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Buy Console 1, get British Class A for free

By Softube on Jan 17, 2019

Get two classic console sounds when you buy Console 1.

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DSP Electronics Developer Wanted

By Softube on Dec 17, 2018

Softube's hiring.

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New for UAD-2: Softube Vocoder

By Softube on Nov 16, 2018

Analyze, re-synthesize, sound like a space-robot.

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Out Now: Harmonics Analog Saturation Processor

By Softube on Oct 31, 2018

Start a fire. Get dynamic analog distortion in the box with Harmonics.

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Out Now: Eden WT800

By Softube on Sep 27, 2018

World Tour bass sound in your studio

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New for Modular: Mutable Instruments Braids

By Softube on Sep 27, 2018

Macro oscillator featuring 40+ fully-realized digital synthesis algorithms

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New for Modular: Doepfer A-188-1 BBD

By Softube on Sep 27, 2018

An evocative ‘70s-style bucket brigade delay module

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Out Now: American Class A

By Softube on Jun 19, 2018

Dream big, sound bigger, with the classic American mixing console sound.

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Out Now: Softube OTO Biscuit 8-bit Effects

By Softube on Jun 19, 2018

Gritty effects, analog filtering, delay, pitchshifting, and more.

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Out Now: Weiss Compressor/Limiter

By Softube on Jun 19, 2018

The modern and transparent mastering compressor/limiter.

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