Dive into the details, analog-style.

  • A painstakingly faithful modeling of the esteemed hardware original that even its papa, Ivor Drawmer, can love
  • Original Drawmer 1973 vibes with bonus features that bring the award-winning compressor into the now
  • Control that lets you micro-manage your dynamics and versatility to ignite your creativity


Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor

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From an era marked by sound experimentation, comes the Drawmer 1973 plug-in. The classic Drawmer three-band stereo compressor has been updated and faithfully modeled for superior sound quality—to the satisfaction of the legendary Ivor Drawmer himself.

Steer the dynamics of your sound with absolute precision while maintaining that unmistakeable analog feeling. Presets allow you to hit the ground running while the incredible versatility of features, such as the three-way switch, let you manage every detail or go full-on experimental-mode. The Drawmer 1973 plug-in ups the wattage of your creative power, bringing a classic ethos to modern pro audio. Get down to the nitty-gritty, analog-style.


Have a listen


"It's absolutely glorious. My favorite new compressor."

Brian Transeau a.k.a. BT
American music producer, composer, technologist, audio technician, multi-instrumentalist

Embrace Your Inner Micro-manager

Mastering with the Drawmer 1973 gives you independent control over three frequency bands, which is often a miracle-cure for problem mixes. Pull out individual instruments, brighten the mix, or tighten the lows. Or, by all means, do it all.


Obsess Over the Details

Make your mixes wider and louder, shoehorn a piano into a dense mix, or curb the temper of an unruly bass guitar. The Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor plug-in lets you dive deep into the details, analogstyle.


Be a Control-freak

The Drawmer 1973 is equally useful on single-sound sources in a mix. Take away the boomy character of an acoustic guitar in a perfectly natural-sounding manner. Control the low-frequency dynamics of a bass, but leave its top-end alive and kicking. Or remove sharp consonant sounds from a vocal track without eliminating detail and clarity.


Drawmer Sound, Softube Science

Modeled with the exquisite care and attention to detail that we’ve become known for, we worked in collaboration with the Drawmer research and development team to make sure that the 1973’s original designers love the final product just as much as we do. Officially licensed, fully-endorsed, and approved by Ivor Drawmer himself, the science behind the Drawmer 1973 plug-in brings the award-winning compressor up-to-date without a hint of compromise on that classic Drawmer sound.

Why mess with a good thing?

The Drawmer 1973 is a modern classic for a reason. The plug-in stays true to the look and sound of the original hardware while packing heavyhitting contemporary features behind the retro facade. The slick interface of the plug-in echoes back to the original, but the analog sound that the Drawmer 1973 hardware is known for is kept fully intact. Because what’s cool will always be cool.

Retro and futuristic

The Drawmer 1973 plug-in has the look and the sound of the original, but it’s the added up-to-the-minute specs that make it a creative rocketship. Look for Mid/Side processing and sidechain to give you even more versatile compression and dynamic control. The Drawmer 1973 plug-in is both then and now with thrilling results.

Video: Customize Your Dynamic Control With Drawmer 1973

It’s your mix and customized dynamic control should be inspiring. Whether you are rebalancing a stereo track, tightening up the fundamental frequencies of a bass, or crushing your drums, you should be navigating what should be processed and by how much.

Choice and precision should be exciting. The Drawmer 1973 gives you the drive of a component modeled FET compressor with incredible sound quality. Flip the “big” and “air” switches to add some additional character to your mix or widen the stereo image in mid/side mode to take this multi-band compressor to an entirely new level.

"I've used it now on at least 10 mixes and I have to say this is one of the most versatile and best sounding compressors ever made!"

Ron Harris
Producer for Christina Aguilera



"The more I used this plug-in, the more I came to appreciate what it could do. It is ideal as a home mastering tool for those unsure about mastering from scratch. I think Softube have done an excellent job."

Sound On Sound


"If you're looking for a full-featured multi-band compressor, the 1973 is a great choice. It can be used both as a buss compressor to shape or tame the dynamics and overall timbre of a vocal or instrument, or as a mastering compressor."

Resident Advisor


"This is easily one of the best multi-band compressors out there, with a detailed, clean and open sound yet also showing some very interesting character. The 1973 is so easy and intuitive that it quickly becomes fun and very enjoyable."



In short

  • Three-band FET compressor carefully modeled on the original Drawmer 1973
  • Officially licensed and created in collaboration with Drawmer
  • Gives you precise control of the sound source's dynamics
  • The look and sound of the original with extra features that bring it up-to-date
  • Added Mid/Side mode and sidechaining not available on the original hardware.
  • Includes presets from the Drawmer S73 and more
  • Minimal latency and CPU load
  • Super-versatile for maximum creativity
  • System requirements

    • Mac OS X 10.12 or newer (older OS versions may work but are not tested).
    • Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10.
    • Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or newer.
    • Screen resolution 1280x800 or larger.
    • 8 GB RAM or more is recommended, as well as at least 8 GB hard disk space for installation (individual plug-ins take less space, while sample libraries may require additional disk space. Specific information available on each instrument's page).
    • Softube account.
    • iLok account.
    • Internet access for downloading installer and managing licenses.
    • iLok generation 2 and up, if you intend to use an iLok dongle for authorizing your plug-ins (note that an iLok dongle is not a requirement).
    • In theory, any 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, or AAX (11.0.2 or higher) compatible host application should work.

    However, due to plug-in host differences between DAWs - and our own rigorous testing standards - we only officially test our plug-ins and instruments in the most recent versions of Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, Studio One, Digital Performer, Reaper and Sonar. Softube plugins are not tested in the non-listed systems, but they most likely work as long as the system requirements are met. We cannot guarantee a solution for issues in unsupported systems.

    Please Note: Softube plug-ins support 64-bit hosts only, and a 64-bit OS is required. Therefore, for example, Pro Tools 10.x is no longer supported (contact support for latest 32-bit compatible instalers).

    Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, in both mono and stereo.

    The most recent maintenance release of the DAW application is recommended.

    AAX DSP is not in active development, but older products still support AAX DSP. For legacy TDM/VENUE, please see the Legacy Installers page.

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