Console 1 Known Issues/Work In Progress

For the latest release of Console 1 we have the following known issues or work in progress.


  • Some users have experienced problems when connecting Console 1 to a USB hub. The solution in most cases is to connect Console 1 directly to a USB port on the computer.
  • Solo doesn't work when running a 32-bit plug-in using a wrapper in a 64-bit host. It also doesn't work if you use both VST2 and VST3 plug-ins in the same sessions.
  • There are problems with international characters in preset names. Please avoid this until issue is fixed.
  • Mac OS: Dragging audio files from Finder directly to a session, with the Console 1 instantiated, can cause to DAW to crash.
  • Switching strips in Console 1 on multiple channels can in some cases take a long time

Studio One

  • Console 1 functionality breaks when used in its VST3 format in Studio One 3.3.2. There are two workarounds at the moment: reverting back to Studio One 3.3.1, or closing the Console 1 project (without closing Studio One) and re-opening it.

Logic Pro:

  • For now, always connect Console 1 hardware before starting Logic, to avoid MIDI related issues. We're working with Apple to fix the issues.
  • Some Logic users have experienced that following the Bounce of a song, adjustments made to Console 1 do not take effect until another track is selected using the track selectors.

Nuendo 6.5:

  • Automation should be switched to Auto-Latch mode to work correctly with Console 1.


  • If a track is removed in Sonar, this is not reflected in Console 1 until Sonar's Undo History has been manually cleared. Sonar X3 and lower does not support Console 1.
  • Using several Pro Channel plug-ins and Console 1 in a session can cause Sonar to hang.

Studio One (Mac):

  • Presets for Softube VST3 plug-ins are installed in /Library/Audio/Presets/Softube, but Studio One looks for them in /Users/[User Name]/Library/Audio/Presets/Softube. Workaround: Import presets by clicking the preset button in the plug-in and selecting "Import Preset …" and go to /Library/Audio/Presets/Softube to select preset files.