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Top-quality effects are a must if you're serious about your sound. Whether it's reverb or flanging, bitcrushing or phasing, Softube has you covered with class-leading audio processors and creative fun-boxes. Songwriters, producers, engineers; we all need some spice sometimes, so browse below and grab a deal.

The sound of Tape saturation

You hear people talk about “the sound of tape”. However, there is not just one sound. Tape speed, head bump, distortion, transient response, hiss, crosstalk, bias, and other factors can all contribute to the sound. 

An R&B or rock album may use 15ips across all tracks to saturate the mix with harmonics and low end by using tape B for vintage flavor. A classical or jazz album may only put Tape on the master bus at 30ips with Tape A or C to keep the tracks as clean as possible while pulling together the mix with some harmonic glue. A punk band may drive their guitars at 1 7/8 its while adjusting the stability and mix to create a gnarly flanging effect. 

These are all the sounds of tape.

Movement with Fix Flanger & Doubler

Sometimes the best mixes are still lacking something and sound just too static or mono. Welcome the Fix Flanger and Doubler to your mix arsenal. Add movement to a track from the subtle sound quality of shifting stereo effects to the full sound of an airplane soaring overhead using the Flanger.  

When it comes to needing to fill up your soundscape, the Doubler has the power to come to the rescue. From backup vocals, to guitars, to synths, this effect has the power to widen your stereo image and create the sound of a musician who spent hours in the studio carefully crafting perfectly doubled parts to thicken up a mix.

The time for thin and boring mixes is over!

Dynamic distortion with Harmonics

Ever spend your time adding eq, compression, and reverb to a track and still can’t get it to sit together correctly? Just like how an organ player will alter drawbars to achieve their perfect sound, dynamic Harmonic adjustments in your mix can get you the sound you need. 

Glue a track, add creative distortion, brighten a dull sound, or find a way for all your tracks to complete the puzzle called mixing. 

If you’ve cranked up saturation in the past to find that your dynamics fell flat, don’t worry. Not all distortion is the same and we believe your transients deserve the same respect as every other element in your mix!