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After more than a decade of partnership, Softube & Marshall are proud to announce two new native amplifier plug-ins


When you think guitar amplifiers, chances are you think Marshall. For many years Softube have partnered Marshall in all things software, and now two new native Marshall amplifier plug-ins are hitting the scene. You’ll love the realism, both sonic and visual. You’ll love the flexibility, and the depth of the sound at any setting. Most of all, you’ll love the way your music sounds through these epic setups. Learn more about the new Softube Marshall amp plug-ins and try them right away.

Plexi Super Lead 1959


Now available natively for the first time, the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 was Modeled on Marshall’s own reference unit, a pristine 1967 amp from their museum. To obtain the most authentic tone possible, the undisputed alpha dog of rock & roll amplifiers was combined with an era-appropriate 1960BHW 4x12” cabinet and recorded by legendary AC/DC engineer Tony Platt. A must-have amp for classic and modern tones alike.

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Kerry King Signature


And as if that wasn’t enough, Softube have worked in tandem with his majesty, the undisputed Kerry King of thrash metal, to model an exact replica of his signature guitar amplifier, the Marshall 2203KK, a.k.a. “The Beast”. Not only component-modeling the insanely powerful amplifier itself, right down to its KT88 power tubes and hand-wired circuit, but also going into the studio and out on the road with Kerry, to capture cabinet responses and microphone combinations for both live and recording situations.

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