Using Console 1 with Studio One


Studio One is fully compatible with the Console 1 ecosystem. As a DAW that lets you compose, record, produce, mix, master, and perform from a single intuitive application, Studio One benefits from the control and sound quality that Console 1 offers.

Start with the analog sound of Shape, EQ, Compression, and Drive from Console 1 to customize your tracks. Then use Console 1 Fader to get tactile control over your mix and automation with the feel of 100mm Alps motorized faders. Combining Studio One with the Console 1 ecosystem inspires new sonic and creative opportunities in your studio.

Console 1 works in all major DAWs. Learn more about how it works in yours.




1. Getting started with Studio One and the Console 1 ecosystem

Studio One is a DAW packed with all of the essentials to take you from the creative idea, to recording, mixing, mastering, and even to the stage for performance. This getting started video will show you how to get your Softube hardware setup with Studio One to maximize your creative potential.





2. Add analog sound quality in Studio One with Console 1

The flexibility and features of Studio One are just the start. Console 1 adds the sound quality of top analog mixing consoles and hardware. Tactile control over Softube processing will inspire you while providing additional control within your DAW.





3. Control Studio One and improve workflow with Console 1 Fader

Control Studio One’s volume, pan, sends, solo, and mute directly from Console 1 Fader. The hands on control of these parameters combined with the drive, character, and filters from top analog mixing consoles bring a sound quality and improved workflow to Studio One that will make you love working in your DAW even more.





4. Mastering Projects in Studio One with the Console 1 Ecosystem

Studio One allows you to take your song directly into a project for mastering. Combining the Console 1 ecosystem with your mastering project gives you tactile control over fine tuning your mixes, while providing you with the opportunity to add the sound of top mastering products such as Weiss and Chandler Limited®.





5. Control Studio One’s Show Page with the Console 1 Ecosystem

You unleashed your creative potential and are now going to take it to a live performance with Studio One’s Show Page. The Console 1 ecosystem gives you full control over the mix of your stems, aux inputs, and VST instruments, while imparting the incredible sound of Softube processing.



DAW compatibility with Console 1

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