Software Upgrades


You may not have been aware until now that we offer a wide range of reasonably-priced upgrade paths to owners of our software. Learn more about how our upgrade system works and how to find out if you’re eligible for a special upgrade price.

Upgrading to a plug-in collection from an individual plug-in

Owners of certain individual plug-ins may upgrade for a reduced price to plug-in collections which contain that plug-in, surrendering the loose license in exchange for a new collection license including the original product.

For example, if you own Tape, you're eligible for a specially-priced upgrade to our Volume collection. Or if you own the Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer, you can get the full Weiss DS1-MK3 Collection for less than the total price of the collection minus the MM-1.

Upgrading to a new collection from a previous version

Similarly, if you own a collection (Volume 3, for example) which has been updated or added to since your purchase (as with Volume 4), you won't pay as much for the new additions as a new purchaser buying outright, from scratch.

How our upgrades work

Our upgrade system, for the most part, only offers upgrades from one single product or collection at a time to the higher level – the system will automatically offer your cheapest upgrade option, based on the highest-value eligible product already owned. 

There are a few exceptions, in which you can be given credit for two or more products owned at once. For example, if you already own Weiss MM-1 AND Weiss Deess, there's a cheaper upgrade path available to the DS1-MK3 Collection than for owners of either of those plug-ins alone. Log in and check your individual offer. You’ll see the product you’re upgrading from in the Shopping Cart.

How to find your upgrades

To find out what upgrades you're eligible for, log in to your Softube account, go to "Products" and browse, looking for the purple "Click to see your upgrade price" ribbon. Click through to those product pages and you'll see your personalized upgrade price.

More info?

Check out our support page for additional information about upgrades