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Download Legacy Installers

This page contains links to versions no longer supported by Softube, such as RTAS, TDM/VENUE for earlier Pro Tools versions, or PowerPC versions for Mac OS.

Previous version

This is the last version that used the old installer system (Softube Plug-ins Control).

Windows: 2.3.41 for 32-bit DAWs (751 MB)

Windows: 2.3.76 for 64-bit DAWs (870 MB)

Mac OS: 2.3.76 (1543 MB)

RTAS Installers

The RTAS installers should only be used if you're using Pro Tools 9 or older. Newer Pro Tools version use the AAX plug-in format.

Version 1.3.11 for Windows (270 MB)

Version 1.3.11 for Mac (273 MB)

Even older installers

These installers does not contain the Softube Plug-Ins Control, which currently only supports VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats for newer processors. Use these links if you need to install one of these formats:

  • TDM version for Pro Tools|HD
  • VENUE version for Avid VENUE Live Consoles
  • You have a Power PC Mac
  • You have a CPU that's older than an Intel Core or AMD Athlon 64.

Otherwise, please see the regular Download page

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