Weiss Pro Mixing Bundle

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Get renowned Weiss clarity and processing prowess optimized for mixing. Weiss Pro Mixing Bundle offers four easy-to-use tools to target your specific mix needs. Plus, the added value of a package price.

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What's included


MM-1 offers five presets to give you the Weiss sound with the press of a button. Select the processing style, then decide how much to lay on with the amount knob.

Learn more about MM-1.


EQ MP’s seven minimum phase EQ bands offer sparkling high fidelity and surgical accuracy. Get stunning clarity in your mixes by soloing them or setting them as a filter, shelf, and bell.

Learn more about EQ MP.


Compressor/Limiter offers transparent compression in three selectable styles. Achieve loud mixes with the output ceiling needed to deliver a mix that meets your production needs.

Learn more about Compressor/Limiter.


Deess gives you two separate bands of de-essing to target sibilant frequencies and transparently reduce them. Band, notch, and shelf modes allow you to find the exact type of de-essing needed for your issue.

Learn more about Deess.