Can I demo Console 1 before purchasing?

The absolute best way to test Console 1 is to try and find a local dealer that has a unit in stock. 

The reason there is no demo license for the Console 1 software available here at is that using the software only wouldn’t give the full user experience one would get from running the complete Console 1 system with the hardware/software combo.

If you're really eager to find out how the Console 1 software (i.e. the included SSL SL4000E channel strip) sounds, and you're unable to find a Console 1 dealer nearby, please contact our support team. They can deposit a 20-day demo license to your account.

Please note that it is not possible to switch channel strip when running the software demo license of Console 1. This means that the demo licenses for the SSL 9000K and British Class A channel strips require the Console 1 hardware to run (as opposed to the American Class A and Summit Audio Grand Channel, which are also available as regular plug-ins). Also, please note that won't be able to access the Console 1 On-Screen Display in the demo version.