How do I integrate Console 1 with my DAW session?  

Console 1 is an integrated hardware/software centerpiece which works in tandem with your DAW. It takes the quick and intuitive workflow of a digital mixer and pairs that with the great sound of an analog Solid State Logic SL 4000 E mixer. On the hardware, you select the track you want to work with and then you adjust the equalizer, compressor, gate and saturation settings using physical knobs and buttons.

So: Select a track, tweak the knobs. Select another track, tweak the knobs — that's essentially how you use Console 1.

You insert the Console 1 plug-in on all your DAW tracks, which routes the sound to the Console 1 mixer and then back to the DAW. The tracks will now show up in the Console 1 system where they are each assigned to one of the track selector buttons. So you can now select and control each track from the hardware. 

The settings for the selected track are shown in the On-Screen Display — Console 1's mixer window — and the LEDs around each knob and button on the hardware. Use the hardware knobs to adjust the settings to your liking. Then select the next track you think needs work, and tweak that.