Apollo Central: Q&A

What is Apollo Central
Apollo Central is a software extension of Console 1 that allows for hands-on control of the Universal Audio Apollo Console.

For a quick walkthrough of Apollo Central and what it can do, please check out these videos:

What is the Universal Audio Apollo Console? 
It's a software mixer included with Universal Audio Apollo audio interfaces; please check the Universal Audio website for further information.

What do I need in order to run Apollo Central? 

How do I start Apollo Central? 
When you first start the Console 1 On-Screen Display, it will be started in the normal Console 1 operating mode. To toggle between Console 1 and Apollo Central mode, press Shift + Mode (Shift + Display Auto on MkI units). The Apollo Central mode is indicated by the 'Apollo Central' logo in the top right corner of the On-Screen Display.

Can I control UAD plug-ins in my DAW using Apollo Central? 
No, you can only control UAD plug-ins loaded into the Apollo Console application.

Which UAD plug-ins (100+) are pre-mapped and working in Apollo Central mode? 
All should be pre-mapped and controllable, but new releases from UA might not be available at the day of release.

What exactly is the difference between the regular Console 1 mode and the Apollo Central mode? 
When Console 1 is run in its default mode, you control the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E channel strip (customizable with over 70 world-class plug-ins from Softube and Universal Audio).

In Apollo Central mode, you instead control the Universal Audio Apollo Console application, where you'll be able to load plug-ins and presets directly in your Apollo Console and you can control the plug-ins, channels, sends, monitoring.

Many use the Apollo Central mode while tracking, and the Console 1 default mode when mixing.

Does this mean I can control all UAD plug-ins in my DAW as well? 
No, Apollo Central is used only to control the Apollo Console. However, many UAD plug-in equalizers and dynamic processors can be used to customize your channel strip in the default Console 1 mode.

I have a Unison plug-in loaded and another plug-in in the inserts. How do I switch from one to the other and vice versa? 
All you need to do is to press the channel button again.

Can I customize the plug-in mappings? 
No, this is not possible in either Apollo Central or the default Console 1 mode.

In Apollo Central mode, some UAD plug-ins have more parameters than the Console 1 hardware — how do you handle that? 
You can press the Shift + Page down/up buttons to switch between parameter pages.