Now free: Distance Learning with pureMix and Ryan West

Got some time on your hands? Let’s make it productive. For a limited time, Softube and pureMix offer our highly-reviewed "Ryan West Mixing With Softube Plugins" tutorial absolutely for free.

Follow along with Grammy-nominated mix engineer, Ryan West, as he mixes an entire song using only Softube Volume plug-ins. You’ll gain valuable insight into the how and the why of West’s mixing methodology as he shows you how to:

  • Balance and build the sonic scope of a mix
  • Embellish poorly-recorded guitars
  • Replace an ordinary sub-bass track with deep, rich sound using Modular
  • Construct a soundstage around the vocals and situate the acoustic elements in a complimentary space
  • Use subtle EQ techniques to create perfect places for instruments to come together in the mix
  • Build the mix bus for finishing touches before exporting the mix

Available exclusively on the pureMix platform, this premium tutorial is free through July 8, 2020 only. Don’t be tardy!


Watch the tutorial on the pureMix website


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