Paint It Blue

The perfect shade for every sound.

Get our authentically emulated Tube-Tech tools for less all September long. Read on to learn more about our collaboration with Tube-Tech, the making of these true-blue modern classics, and what plug-ins like our CL 1B emulation can do for your vocal chain, bass, drums, or even the entire mix.


“The new CL 1B plug-in is a life saver! It just feels so ‘right’. I own a hardware CL 1B and this plug allows me to use it on as many tracks as I want... and the new Wet/Dry control is a game changer!”

Kevin Kadish about Tube-Tech Compressor Collection

Grammy nominated songwriter and producer for artists such as Meghan Trainor and Jason Mraz


"It’s perfect for a vocal chain, bass channel, or even the entire stereo mix. I love the air of the top end and the compressor is versatile enough to do subtle mix compression or the aggressive bass or drum compression needed for modern pop music"

Joe Chiccarelli about Tube-Tech Complete Collection

Mixer/Engineer/Producer for Beck, U2, The Strokes, Elton John, etc.


"A truly faithful and very exact replica of the hardware CL 1B. Finally it's possible to experience natural musical compression in a plug-in."

John G. Petersen

Designer and President of Tube-Tech

Offers valid between September 1st and September 30, 2023.. All prices are shown here in USD and may vary in other currencies.