Amp Room
Quickstart Guide




1. The gear menu


This is the gear menu. There’s a lot of stuff in there. Navigate the gear by clicking on the different gear category icons. Drag modules out and drop them wherever you want or simply click once on a module and it will automatically be added last in the signal chain.




2. The signal chain


Rearrange your signal chain by grabbing the top bar and dropping/inserting the module where you want them (next to, over or under another module).




3. Focus mode


All modules can be double-clicked to enter Focus mode. This can come in handy when you don’t want to zoom in/out repeatedly to fine-tune settings on the modules. Exit Focus mode by clicking anywhere outside of the module in focus.




4. Right-click menus


Modules and green insertion points have a few different right-click menus. Try right-clicking on them to get an idea of what’s there.




5. Multistates


Multistates lets you work on up to four (A/B/C/D) individual signal chains at the same time. Go to another state by clicking on the state tab. Copy an entire signal chain from one state to another by hovering over another state’s tab and clicking the camera icon. Presets can be saved from, and loaded into, a state independently of the other states. All states will be saved along with the project.





6. Preset Collection


Check out Preset Collection by clicking this icon shown above.

Hundreds of presets, representing all kinds of styles, awaits you. Choose by using the search field or filter by clicking on the descriptive tags (for example “Crunch”, “Dark”, “Ambience” etc.) and/or filter by clicking the module tags at the bottom (for example, click “American Mainstayer 100W” to see all the presets that has that particular module in it).