A premium vocal chain


A seriously professional production needs slick, clear, characterful vocals. The vocals are scrutinized heavily by the pros and the public alike, perhaps more than any other element in your mix. But apart from recording great performances in the first place, what can we do to ensure top-quality vocals?



Well, why not start with a top-quality de-esser?

The Weiss Deess plug-in uses the gold-standard technology of the world-leading DS1-MK3 hardware to provide two separate fully-customisable de-essing bands. Deal with focused high-mid-range sibilants and breathy air-frequency shash equally efficiently. The result is warm, controlled, professional-sounding vocals in seconds.

Then you’ll want a premium channel strip like the Tube-Tech Classic Channel

(found in the Tube-Tech Complete Collection). A classic passive EQ setup based on systems which have been used in top studios the world over for decades, and a compressor to bring characterful smoothness. The Tube-Tech CL 1B shines in all genres as a vocal compressor because of its luscious optical gain reduction system and its tube-driven circuitry. It’s exactly fast enough to perfectly suit voices, and its feedback design topology means you can push it hard without sounding unmusical.

But what of ambience?

With stunning time-based effects your vocals can bust out of the booth and into a special space of their own. Tube Delay is a gritty and colorful way to add spanking slapback, swirling dub tails, and everything in between. Run it on a parallel aux track for perfect control of levels, feedback, coloration, and so on, without affecting your pristine lead signal. Or just smash it for instant mojo.

And finish your chain with the sublime TSAR-1R,

for gorgeous algorithmic reverb in true stereo. In seconds you can take a close, stuffy vocal and place it in a high definition sound world fit for the very best.



Smart investment in your vocal chain is one of the best and most noticeable ways to up the game of your productions, so treat yourself to these extra-special processors.