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Drawmer, Marshall, Chandler Limited®. There’s a reason that the big names of pro audio trust us to model their most famous gear. We’re the Rock & Roll Scientists, no doubt, but we’re Renaissance people. Our modeling method is rooted in the most cutting-edge tech, but it includes a healthy application of artistry, as well. We create perfect plug-in emulations of the original hardware that are also musically stunning and artistically inspiring. Math is our medium, but we’re not painting by numbers.

Now, it’s your chance to add some of our finest works to your collection for a whole lot less. Shop the sale and plug in a masterpiece.


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Rock & Roll Scientists

Softube has been making class-leading products for the modern computer-based musician since 2003. Obsessive attention to sound quality means our software and hardware win hearts as well as awards. Read more about Softube.

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