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This module outputs a clock pulse for each X pulses it receive. Use for instance the /3 output to trigger an output pulse for each third incoming pulse.

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Logic Tool

This module is used to perform simple logic operations on signals on the two inputs, which also have separate inverters. Logic functions are AND, NAND, OR, XOR and NOR.

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Switch 1 to 4

This CV controllable switch can be used to direct a CV source or audio signal to any of four different destinations.

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Signal Tool

This module acts as a toolbox for continuous CV signals and does not differentiate between logic high and low like the logic tool. Its functions includes negative value, absolute value, minimum and...

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Switch 4 to 1

CV controllable switch that can be used to select a CV or audio source out of four different inputs and send it to a set destination.

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Quad Offset

More or less the same as offset, but with four channels contained within the same module to save space. Can be used both as a static CV source, but of course also to offset the input CV.

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Slew Limiter

A slew limiter is a device that smoothes an incoming signal, limiting the maximum rate of change of the output voltage per unit of time. Also often called lag generator. It creates a glide or...

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This module multiples incoming signal to four similar outputs.

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Sample and Hold

The Sample and Hold module listens to an incoming signal and samples the control voltage at a time set by the incoming trig pulse at the trigger input.

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The offset module can be used both as a static CV source, but of course also to offset the input CV.