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Kim Larsson

Research Engineer, modeler, metalhead and guitarist. He's the guy with most guitar amps and longest hair in the office. As a child he liked to connect various kind of audio equipment and see what...

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Kristofer Ulfves

Product Owner. Kristofer is one of our project leads, working feriously on researching and developing new products. He's very passionate about instrument user-friendliness, beta-testing and analog...

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Patrik Holmström

Software Engineer, and probably the world's fastest Console 1 assembler. Many of the Console 1's out there were built and tested by Patrik, before we realized that he's far too valuable to sit in...

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Paul Shyrinskykh

Program Manager/Quality Assurance Manager, the one who makes sure we fix all bugs and never lets us get away with anything. We managed to steal Paul away from another company in the business and...

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Björn Rödseth

Research Engineer, modeler, anglophile, Star Wars enthusiast, and the one who lives closest to the office. The most recent addition to the development team has a good sense of structuring, which is...

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Eric Hampusgård

Software Engineer, the guy who makes sure that the code we write gets built and actually becomes something you can install on your computer. Besides being a super-experienced programmer, he's also a...

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Arvid Rosén

Vice President/Research and Development, assembler expert (making the craziest optimizations), trombone player, and usually the one that gets to the office earliest in the morning. Arvid has...

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Niklas Odelholm

Vice President/Products. He's the one designing the products as well as doing a lot of signal processing and modeling. With a strong opinion about features, design and probably almost everything...

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Oscar Öberg

President, founder, low level DSP and signal processing guru, and expert on compressors. No details are too small to remain unseen when Oscar is around. It doesn't matter if it's about compressor...

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Mattias Danielsson

Customer Service, trumpet player, and sort of the technical go-to guy. Mattias is the guy answering your e-mails and helping you with whatever problems you might have. There are no issues that he...