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Mutable Instruments Rings

A physical modeling phenomenon Excite a material with some sort of energy input (a slap, a rub, a blow) and you’ll get a noise. The resonant qualities of that material (be it wood, metal, glass...

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New for Modular: Mutable Instruments Braids

By Softube on Sep 27, 2018

Macro oscillator featuring 40+ fully-realized digital synthesis algorithms

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Mutable Instruments Braids

Astonishingly Sophisticated Sound-Generation Braids, by French Eurorack pioneers Mutable Instruments, is not an oscillator. It sort of looks like one, with fine and coarse pitch/frequency...

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Out Now: Mutable Instruments Clouds for Modular

By Softube on Jun 19, 2018

Granular texturizer. Manipulate droplets from an audio stream.

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Mutable Instruments Clouds

Make It Rain In the world of modular synthesis there are certain names that command veneration and respect; Moog, Buchla, Doepfer, Serge; but there are others that inspire the kind of...