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Audio Mixer

Mixer module with an exponential response, making it suitable for mixing audio-signals. This mixer uses a dB scale for its knobs, with a maximum gain of 12 dB.

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MIDI to Trigger

A four channel MIDI to trigger module, primarily made to trigger percussive sounds off specific MIDI notes. It emits short trigger pulses when a MIDI note is received on the set MIDI channel.

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Quad Offset

More or less the same as offset, but with four channels contained within the same module to save space. Can be used both as a static CV source, but of course also to offset the input CV.

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Your workhorse MIDI to CV converter! This module converts MIDI notes on the to mono-phonic CV and Gate outputs. There is also a trigger out for resetting oscillators with each keystroke if that's to...

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Sample and Hold

The Sample and Hold module listens to an incoming signal and samples the control voltage at a time set by the incoming trig pulse at the trigger input.

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CV Mixer

A no-nonsense CV mixer with an linear response, making it suitable for mixing CV signals. This mixer scales the signal up to 4 times.

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Sequencer 8 Step

Classic step sequencer with 8 steps featuring CV Out and Gate Out. Multiple gates after each other extends the gate output over several steps. A separate trig channel is provided as well as...

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The offset module can be used both as a static CV source, but of course also to offset the input CV.

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Logic Tool

This module is used to perform simple logic operations on signals on the two inputs, which also have separate inverters. Logic functions are AND, NAND, OR, XOR and NOR.

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Quadraphonic MIDI to CV

This is a four channel MIDI note to CV and Gate converter for creating four voice polyphonic patches in Modular.