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Slew Limiter

A slew limiter is a device that smoothes an incoming signal, limiting the maximum rate of change of the output voltage per unit of time. Also often called lag generator. It creates a glide or...

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Penta Sequenza

Classic step sequencer with 5 steps featuring CV Out and Gate Out. Multiple gates after each other extends the gate output over several steps. A separate trig channel is provided as well as...

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DAW sync

This module is an efficient way of getting clock pulses in sync with your DAW. Connect the 16 notes output to click in on your sequencer module and the reset pulse out to reset in for the most common...

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Envelope Follower

This module can be used to generate control voltages from audio sources, but also as a simple ASR envelope.

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Sine Oscillator

This is a simple and mathematically correct sine oscillator with perfect tracking. It was originally created for testing purposes in the early stages of the development of Softube Modular.

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This module multiples incoming signal to four similar outputs.

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Sample and Hold

The Sample and Hold module listens to an incoming signal and samples the control voltage at a time set by the incoming trig pulse at the trigger input.

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Signal Tool

This module acts as a toolbox for continuous CV signals and does not differentiate between logic high and low like the logic tool. Its functions includes negative value, absolute value, minimum and...

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Audio Mixer

Mixer module with an exponential response, making it suitable for mixing audio-signals. This mixer uses a dB scale for its knobs, with a maximum gain of 12 dB.

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Switch 1 to 4

This CV controllable switch can be used to direct a CV source or audio signal to any of four different destinations.