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Doepfer A-132-3 DVCA

The A-132-3 (Dual Linear/Exponential Voltage Controlled Amplifier)is composed of two identical Voltage Controlled Amplifiers where each has a manual gain control and a Control Voltage input with...

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Doepfer A-110 VCO

An voltage controlled oscillator is a tone generator, the most basic building block of a synthesizer. The Doepfer A-110 can generate four different waveforms, each with its distinctive own overtone...

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DAW sync

This module is an efficient way of getting clock pulses in sync with your DAW. Connect the 16 notes output to click in on your sequencer module and the reset pulse out to reset in for the most common...

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Your workhorse MIDI to CV converter! This module converts MIDI notes on the to mono-phonic CV and Gate outputs. There is also a trigger out for resetting oscillators with each keystroke if that's to...

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Doepfer A-118 Noise

Module A-118 is a noise and random voltage generator. It produces three types of signal: white noise, colored noise, and random voltage. White and colored noise can be used as audio sources, and the...

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Slew Limiter

A slew limiter is a device that smoothes an incoming signal, limiting the maximum rate of change of the output voltage per unit of time. Also often called lag generator. It creates a glide or...

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MIDI to Trigger

A four channel MIDI to trigger module, primarily made to trigger percussive sounds off specific MIDI notes. It emits short trigger pulses when a MIDI note is received on the set MIDI channel.

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Sine Oscillator

This is a simple and mathematically correct sine oscillator with perfect tracking. It was originally created for testing purposes in the early stages of the development of Softube Modular.

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Signal Tool

This module acts as a toolbox for continuous CV signals and does not differentiate between logic high and low like the logic tool. Its functions includes negative value, absolute value, minimum and...

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CV Mixer

A no-nonsense CV mixer with an linear response, making it suitable for mixing CV signals. This mixer scales the signal up to 4 times.