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This module outputs a clock pulse for each X pulses it receive. Use for instance the /3 output to trigger an output pulse for each third incoming pulse.

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Penta Sequenza

Classic step sequencer with 5 steps featuring CV Out and Gate Out. Multiple gates after each other extends the gate output over several steps. A separate trig channel is provided as well as...

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Switch 4 to 1

CV controllable switch that can be used to select a CV or audio source out of four different inputs and send it to a set destination.

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Sine Oscillator

This is a simple and mathematically correct sine oscillator with perfect tracking. It was originally created for testing purposes in the early stages of the development of Softube Modular.

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Polarizing Mixer

A mixer module with a gain -1 to +1.

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Doepfer A-108 VCF8

Voltage Controlled Filter based on the well known transistor-ladder filter (Moog ladder) but with a unique external feedback path.

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Slew Limiter

A slew limiter is a device that smoothes an incoming signal, limiting the maximum rate of change of the output voltage per unit of time. Also often called lag generator. It creates a glide or...

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This module delays an incoming signal from 1ms up to 1000 ms (one second).

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Doepfer A-140 ADSR

An ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) envelope generator is a gate-triggered time-controlled series of events outputting timed changes in voltage output. The different phases represents that of an...

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Beat Sequencer

Classic x0x style sequencer for programming percussive sounds (for example with the Heartbeat modules, purchased separately). The sequencer can be looped or not. The Link Out function can be used to...