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2 X TEC Awards!

By Softube on Jan 27, 2017

Marshall Bluesbreaker and JMP 2203 plug-ins receive prestigious award.

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Three TEC Award Nominations!

By Softube on Sep 23, 2016

This must be some sort of record. Three of our products have been nominated for the TEC Awards—Fix Flanger and Doubler, Marshall Bluesbreaker and Marshall JMP. Check out Fix Flanger and Doubler, and visit the Marshall amps at...

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Out Now: Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-In

By Softube on Feb 03, 2016

The UAD-2/Apollo platform gets its fourth Marshall amp plug-in.

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Marshall CODE Announced

By Softube on Jan 22, 2016

New line of modeling amps from Marshall, featuring Marshall-Softube Modeling technology.

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New Marshall amps for UAD

By Softube on Nov 05, 2015

Silver Jubilee, Bluesbreaker and Marshall Legends Bundle out for UAD now.

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Rave reviews on the Marshall Plexi

By Softube on May 20, 2015

"This is the go-to amp plug in for the classic Marshall tone".

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New plug-ins out for UAD-2/Apollo

By Softube on May 07, 2015

Marshall Plexi and Tube-Tech CL 1B released.

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Three pieces of news for Musikmesse

By Softube on Apr 15, 2015

A software drum synth, a Marshall amp plug-in and Console 1 updates.

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Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

By Softube on Apr 15, 2015

Softube have been in tight collaboration with Marshall to create this unique model of the quintessential rock'n'roll guitar amp. It is available in May 2015, exclusively on Universal Audio's...

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New strategic partnership

By Softube on Sep 03, 2014

Marshall and Softube join forces.