Volume 1 Short Videos
Ben Lindell, October 2016

Get the vocals just right, program a drum beat, fit in the acoustic guitar ... check out these ten free videos from pureMix.net using the plug-ins in Volume 1.

Watch Ryan West (Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West) share mix tips using the Volume 1 plug-ins. These are free to anyone, and a more in-depth 90 minute video with Ryan, made by pureMix.net, is available to all Volume 1 owners and subscribers.

Mixing Lead Vocals Using Volume 1

Mixing Lead Vocals Using Volume 1
Learn how to enhance a lead vocal track to sound perfectly clear and surrounded by vibe using Summit Audio Grand Channel for smoothing out the dynamics in a natural way and then equalizing to add presence and body to the sound, Tube Delay for character and space around the vocal, and lastly adding a TSAR-1 Reverb after the Tube Delay to further shape the color of the vocal tail.

Get Started With Softube Modular

Get Started With Softube Modular
With the limitless options of the Modular synth also comes a paralyzing fear of how to even get started. Fear not! Ryan West shows you how to use the the basic building blocks of Modular to create a simple patch. Learn what CV and Gate connections are all about, get a grip on the audio signal flow to create a simple and fat bass synth patch and see how easy it is to connect VCOs, VCFs and ADSRs together to make a basic bass preset.

Creating Custom Drum Machine Sounds Using Softube Heartbeat

Creating Custom Drum Machine Sounds
Unlike drum samplers, Heartbeat is a drum synth that gives you total control over the sound and shape of your drums. Learn how to quickly dial in any drum sound your heart's desire, starting from the factory default and transforming the drums into something that perfectly matches the vibe of the song, tweak settings that you won't find on a typical drum sampler such as EQ, harmonics, and ping pong panning and add reverb and other effects to the drums without the need for additional plug-ins or processing.

Mixing Synth and Real Bass Tracks With Plug-Ins From Volume 1

Mixing Synth Bass and Bass Guitar Tracks
The low end of a mix is the most critical area and the hardest for most engineers to nail. Learn how Ryan manages the both a synth bass and DI bass tracks using Softube plug-ins included in Volume 1. Using Saturation Knob to help deep and fat basses translate from studio monitors to earbuds without losing definition or weight, balance both the frequencies and dynamics of a bass using EQ and compression together with Summit Audio Grand Channel, and use Bass Amp Room to transform a DI bass into a realistic bass amp tone without needing a huge bass rig to achieve a massive sound.

Mixing Acoustic Drums With Volume 1

Mixing Acoustic Drums With Volume 1
Rock drums are all about finding the perfect the size and aggressiveness to the sound of the kit. In this tutorial Ryan West shows you how to use the Trident A-Range for its musical high pass and saturation controls, tweak the FET Compressor to hear the more of the room as well as a snappy, aggressive sound to the overheads and room mics, find the right balance on the wet/dry controls to blend less compressed signal with the gritty sounding drum overheads, add a TSAR-1 Reverb to create a bigger space for the drums to live in, and insert a Summit Audio Grand Channel across the drum bus to shape the EQ for more sparkle and life to the kit.

Mixing electronic drums with Volume 1

Electronic Drums and Percussion Loops
The key to great sounding drums and loops that work together is processing together, not separately. In this tutorial, Ryan West shows you how to group drums and percussion together, then creating a cohesive motion and groove by tweaking the attack and release times of the FET Compressor, use the Trident A-Range to bring out the sonic details of the percussion elements and inserting TSAR-1 Reverb on the group with a short and dark room setting to create a space for the drums to sit in.

Mixing synths and keys with Volume 1

Tweak Synth and Keyboard Sounds
Keyboard presets and recordings come to mixers in all shapes and sizes. It's important to know how to reshape any keyboard or synth sound to fit perfectly in a mix. Transform a bass synth from mono to stereo with Fix Flanger and Doubler, filling up the sides to clear space in the middle of your mix. Use Fix Flanger and Doubler on a church organ sound, dialing in the perfect leslie cabinet preset to help it blend and dance around other elements of the mix. Add clarity and excitement to upright piano using the magical powers of the Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor.

Getting acoustic guitars in place

Get Natural Sounding Acoustic Guitars
Everyone recognizes the natural tone of an acoustic guitar, so when it comes to mixing, it's important to make sure they sit in the mix just right. Learn how Ryan West treats an acoustic guitar track with Summit Audio Grand Channel to first high pass, then gently compress and finally add sparkle using the Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer, creating a double tracked sounding guitar from a mono track using the Fix Flanger and Doubler to make a realistic sounding double, and adding a natural sounding space using a small room emulation inside of TSAR-1 Reverb.

Electric guitars with Volume 1

Nail the Electric Guitars
Finding the right tone even when a guitar track was recorded through pedals, an amp and a microphone is never a challenge. Vintage Amp Room allows you to virtually re-amp and customize the guitar tone with drive, EQ, vibrato and mic positioning. Hear the effect of adding Tube Delay before or after the amp as well as on a Send/Return, resulting in three totally different sounds, and then use Trident A-Range to tame the bite and midrange honk.

Mix bus processing with Volume 1

Mix Bus Processing
The final step of any mix is the stereo bus processing, it's your last chance to make changes that affect every track of your mix and give it that final polish. Use the Summit Audio Grand Channel to gently compress the entire mix adding glue without destroying the dynamics of the song by using the sidechain filter and appropriate Attack and Release settings. Make subtle EQ tweaks using the Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer allows you to remove mud and add a touch of air to the mix. Lastly, finalizing the stereo bus chain with the Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor to add subtle punch that gives the mix a little extra edge.

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