Volume 1: Questions and Answers
Mattias Danielsson, November 2016

Softube Volume 1 is a collection of Softube plug-ins. We tried to identify the most common use cases in modern music production and mixing, and put together a plug-in bundle that will help you achieve a killer result in these situations.

How can I get Volume 1?
You can buy perpetual licenses, get a monthly subscription or buy a twelve month prepaid subscription (exclusive to authorized Softube dealers).

What Plug-Ins Are Included in Volume 1?
Volume 1 includes 16 plug-ins which contains all the tools needed to cover the most common situations you'll encounter in modern music production:

Summit Audio Grand Channel, Summit Audio EQF-100, Summit Audio TLA-100A, TSAR-1 Reverb, TSAR-1R Reverb, FET Compressor, Modular, Trident A-Range, Vintage Amp Room, Drawmer S73, Fix Flanger, Fix Doubler, Heartbeat, Tube Delay, Bass Amp Room and Saturation Knob.

Visit the Softube Web Store and Volume 1 page to read more.
Sign in to your Softube account to request 20-day demo licenses of the plug-ins. More info on that here: How do I demo Softube plug-ins?

Will More Plug-Ins Be Included in the Future?
Volume 1 is the first in the Volume series of bundles. Future Volume versions will contain more plug-ins, freely added to subscribers' accounts—so just keep subscribing and see your collection of tools grow.

Future Volume versions will also be offered at an upgrade fee to owners of perpetual Volume licenses.

Should I Subscribe or Buy Perpetual Licenses?
The advantages of a monthly subscription:

  • Lower entry cost
  • Get additional plug-ins at no upgrade cost (when future Volumes are released)

The advantages of buying perpetual licenses:

  • Own your plug-in licenses for life
  • Get additional plug-ins at a discounted rate
  • Lower cost in the long run

The advantages of a 12-month subscription:

  • Get a year of use for the price of ten months
  • Get additional plug-ins at no upgrade cost (when future Volumes are released)
  • Get it from your local Softube dealer (List of Authorized Softube Dealers here)

How do I Get the Included PureMix Video?
To get access to the included 90 minute mix tutorial video from PureMix, sign in to your account and go to 'My Account' page.

In your list of products, you'll see a link to PureMix.com, where you'll be able to register and redeem your video.

I already own a plug-in which is part of Volume 1. Is there an upgrade offer to the entire bundle?
If you already own one or more products included in the Volume 1 bundle, you are either eligible for free subscription months* on the Volume 1 subscription service or a discount on the permanent Volume 1 license.

Sign in to your account at softube.com to see which discounts and offers you are eligible for.

*) The maximum total is 2 free months per user.

How are the upgrade prices to Volume 1 set?
The Volume 1 upgrade prices are based on which of the plug-ins included in Volume 1 that you already have a license for. The most expensive plug-in or bundle out of those will be the one that gives you the most favourable upgrade price.

To see the best upgrade price that you are eligible for, please log in to your account and check the 'Best Upgrade Paths' at your 'My Account' page.

To see all available upgrade paths, click the 'Bundles & Upgrades' tab at our Products page.

How many authorizations do I get?
All Volume 1 licenses contains two authorizations. This means you can choose to, for example, authorize your computer and save an authorization on your account for backup. Or you can authorize two different computers, or authorize one computer and put the other authorization on a USB iLok key* for portability.

*) Please note: If you're a Monthly Volume 1 subscriber planning to authorize a USB iLok key, it must be an iLok 2 or 3.

Monthly Volume 1: How will I be billed at the beginning of a new subscription period?
At the beginning of a new subscription period, you'll be automatically billed, and will receive an email receipt.

The monthly Volume 1 subscription is set to auto-renew. You have to actively pause your subscription, before the last day of your billing cycle, to stop your subscription from renewing and your credit card or PayPal account from being charged.

Monthly Volume 1: Can I pause my subscription at any time?
The Monthly Volume 1 subscription is based on a full billing period usage. If you start your Monthly subscription on 01/01/16, it remains active, and the licenses remain activated and plugins working, until 02/01/16.

Pausing your subscription ensures that it will become inactive at the end of the billing cycle and you will no longer be charged renewal fees.

If you pause it at any time during the billing cycle of the example above, your subscription remains active (and licenses activated and plugins working) until 02/01/16, even if you do not use the licenses/plugins for the rest of the month. The "paused" period of time when you don't use your plugins is not saved and does not roll over to another month.

Monthly Volume 1: How do I pause my subscription?

  1. 1.Run the Gobbler app and click the 'Purchases' tab.
  2. 2.Next to Volume 1, you'll see a 'Manage' button. Clicking this will take you to the "Order Management" page at Gobbler Marketplace.
  3. 3.Click the 'Pause' button in the Volume 1 column.

Your licenses will remain active and you will be able to use your plugins until the end of the billing period. On the last day of the billing period, the licenses will terminate and your plugins will no longer work. You will no longer be charged the renewal fee, until you reactivate your subscription.

Monthly Volume 1: How do I reactivate my subscription?

  1. 1.Run the Gobbler app and click the 'Purchases' tab.
  2. 2.Next to Volume 1, you'll see a 'Manage' button. Clicking this will take you to the "Order Management" page at Gobbler Marketplace.
  3. 3.Click the 'Reactivate' button in the Volume 1 column.

You will be charged a renewal fee and the expired licenses in your iLok account will be immediately reactivated.

Please Note: If your subscription paused due to a non-payment issue, or if the credit card in your payment profile has expired, click the "Change Payment Details" link and provide an active credit card's information before reactivating the subscription.

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