Using Heartbeat With Modular
Henrik Andersson Vogel, June 2016

Using Heartbeat's instrument and EQ modules in Modular adds a lot of new creative possibilities. Here's how to get it to run and some ideas on how to get the two to work together.

The basic requirements to use Heartbeat with Modular is that you own licenses to both instruments, and have both instruments downloaded and installed on your computer. Get the latest installer from our Download page and run Softube Plug-Ins Control. In the left hand column, you should click four different plug-ins in order to add them to the right hand column: Modular, Heartbeat, Heartbeat Drum and Heartbeat EQ. If you have previously only installed Heartbeat and Modular, it's important that you add Heartbeat Drum and Heartbeat EQ as well.

Let The Tweak-a-Tron Begin!

  • sequencer
  • filter
  • envelope

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