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By Mattias Danielsson on Apr 01, 2012

The Density setting in TSAR-1 is an extremely useful tool that sometimes gets overlooked. In this short article I'm trying to explain how you can use the density slider and also illustrate this with...

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Creating a Sense of Distance

By Mattias Danielsson on Apr 01, 2012

One way to place a sound source further forward or back in a mix is to use the blend of early reflections and reverb tail. But first a simplified explanation about the different components of a...

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Creating a Sense of Space

By Scott Fritz on Feb 01, 2012

As somewhat of a reverb hound, I really enjoy using different reverbs and seeing how they shape my productions. What I want to discuss here is something that some people may not consider very often...

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Engineer/Mixer Mike Ging Speaks About the Summit Audio TLA-100A

By Mike Ging on Jan 01, 2012

The most important one for me is the 'Parallel Inject' control. This allows me to set compression levels higher than I normally would with the hardware unit, and mix back in a little of the direct...

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Lookahead and the FET Compressor

By Tony Maserati on Dec 01, 2011

Transients, what do you do with them? Well, with compressors we can make them pop, slap, grab only half of them while letting the rest pass, or we can stomp on them like they stole something...

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Getting Big Rock Drum Sounds

By Scott Fritz on Nov 01, 2011

Over the years, the conventional sound of rock drums has changed a whole lot. From the pillowy sounds of the 60s to the gated sounds of the 80s to the larger-than-life sounds of today, what the...

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Using Dyna-mite the Wrong Way

By Niklas Odelholm on Jun 01, 2011

There are a lot of things you can do with the Valley People Dyna-mite. You can use it as a standard (but totally obliviating) limiter and expander, but you can also use its sonic qualities to achieve...

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Easy Way To Vocal Harmonies

By Scott Fritz on May 01, 2011

Creating complex vocal arrangements used to take a bunch of notation paper and plenty of hours working on the possible theoretical counterparts. But, with technology, we are able to create parts as...

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Keeping Projects Clean and Simple

By Scott Fritz on May 01, 2011

I have developed some simple but effective workflow habits when working on my own projects that have made my life a good deal easier in the digital domain, so I thought I would share a few tips.

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Double Compressors On Vocals

By Scott Fritz on May 01, 2011

Another cool way to double up on your plugins is a great way to get the commercial pop/rock vocal sound - using 2 compressors in series on a vocal track.