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Using Softube's Amp Rooms

By Henrik Andersson Vogel on Mar 14, 2013

While Softube's three Amp Rooms are designed with ease of use in focus, a few tips and tricks on their use aren't going to hurt anybody.

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The importance of contrast in a mix

By Scott Fritz on Dec 21, 2012

Whether we are listening to classical music, jazz, pop, rock, blues, or just about any recorded musical genre we know of, one thing almost always equates to 'quality' in a mix - and that is contrast...

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TSAR-1 Predelay and Diffusion

By Eddie Bazil on Dec 13, 2012

Getting the reverb sound right is crucial to a great mix. In this Tips and Tricks text, Eddie Bazil goes through the uses of two of TSAR-1's controls: Pre-Delay and Diffusion. These are widely...

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Character Required

By Ian Stynes on Oct 01, 2012

When working with various post production projects for film, television and video games, there is a bare minimum that you need to accomplish to get a mix sounding 'right' or to sound design anything...

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Creative Compression

By Mattias Danielsson on Aug 01, 2012

To be able to understand what different time settings do to the sound we need a way to make the differences more obvious. If you don't hit your compressor hard, it might be difficult to hear what it...

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Establishing your 'go-to' compressors

By Scott Fritz on Jul 01, 2012

There are plenty of great plugin compressors available these days. If you are like me, chances are you have more than you actually remember until you browse through your plugin folders. I do...

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Distorted Vocal Blends with Vintage Amp Room

By Jonathan Castelli on Jun 01, 2012

Is your vocal just not interesting enough? Or maybe you're looking for more character?

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Get an 80's Vibe on the Snare with TSAR-1

By Fab Dupont on Jun 01, 2012

Here's a great video from our friends at Puremix. Fab Dupont uses the TSAR-1 Reverb to get a nice 80's touch on a snare drum. The video is an excerpt from Hybrid Digital/Analog Mixing, a video that...

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Are Compressor Presets Good for You?

By Mattias Danielsson on Jun 01, 2012

First of all, lets start with a bold statement: Presets aren't shortcuts to the perfect sound! They might be, but should always be considered starting points rather than solutions to all your...

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EQing Made Easy

By Mattias Danielsson on May 01, 2012

The Tonelux Tilt and the Focusing Equalizer are in a way close siblings in that they share the same mindset for EQing. They force you to rely on your ears by hiding the actual math and frequencies...