Terms and Conditions


1. Validity
The goods, services and offers of the Softube Store can be ordered only by end customers under the following terms as published at the time of placing the order.

Softube cannot accept any changes to these terms, unless prior written acceptance of such changes has been obtained from us.

2. Placing an order and processing of orders
A contract concerning delivery of goods or services only comes into effect once we have accepted an order for either delivery of goods or services or have notified a customer of a delivery. This applies also to "online" deliveries, i.e. electronic delivery of goods or services through a network, e.g. the Internet. This means that any information supplied by us before or during the ordering process regarding goods, their availability and their prices is not binding.

To order updates, upgrades or cross grades, the end user must already be registered with Softube. Should it become apparent after further investigation that the customer is not entitled to buy an update or upgrade, the customer will be invoiced in the amount of the difference in price to the full version.

The offers in the Softube Store are always subject to change unless clearly stated otherwise. We reserve the right to make improvements or minor changes to the execution of delivery.

Orders are processed using electronic data processing. With your order you accept that Softube will store all data required for processing your order. This data will of course be treated as confidential. You consent to us or our partner company PayPal, Inc., passing on this data to credit institutions or contractual partners if this aids processing your order.

3. Cancellations
The Customer has the right to cancel any pending orders - without giving any reasons - up to 2 weeks after receiving the goods. Canceling an order within this period terminates the order. To meet this deadline, it is sufficient to send your cancellation within the cancellation period. The Customer may cancel the order in writing or any other permanent method of data transmission e.g. by sending a letter, fax or e-mail. The Customer may also cancel the order by returning the goods.

As soon as you open the seal or wrapping of the software product you lose the right to cancel the order. There is no right of cancellation of orders for any goods or services supplied via instant delivery/download due to the nature of these products. Statutory cancellation rights are also not applicable to any product that is tailored to your personal needs.

Returning the goods is permitted only if you send the products to the appropriate mailing address; the products are still packaged in the original wrapping and include the complete contents of the products.

To make use of your cancellation rights, please contact Softube to obtain a Return Authorization number and to determine the details for returning the products. You can contact Softube for returns on the following address: sales at softube.com

Whenever an order has been cancelled within the cancellation period, any money already paid to us will be refunded by crediting the bank or credit card account specified in your order for the appropriate amount.

When returning goods the customer must cover any transport cost, unless the goods supplied did not correspond to the goods originally ordered. When transferring the right of use of goods, the customer entitled to cancel a particular order will cover all costs incurred from the time the goods were received to the time when the order was cancelled. If the customer is directly responsible for any damage to, destruction of or loss of the goods for which the customer is entitled to a cancellation, the customer must cover any incurred loss of value.

4. Delivery
The ordered goods will be delivered to the address specified by the customer within the order.

Please note that we can only accept one address for shipping, and only delivery to this address is counted in the shipping cost you pay. If for any reason your package needs to be redirected to another address for delivery after the order is made, you will need to arrange any additional delivery costs yourself directly with the parcel carrier.

Goods or services will normally ship within 48 hours after we have received the corresponding order, i.e. you should receive the ordered goods or services within a week. The delivery may be delayed in certain cases. Delivery dates are binding only when confirmed as such explicitly and in writing by Softube.

With orders made electronically, delivery will occur to the iLok.com User ID you specified by you and delivery will be confirmed by sending an E-mail to the address you specified when registering the payment with PayPal, Inc. You will be invoiced for any shipping costs.

Shortages, wrong models or other problems that may exist must be reported to us within 10 (ten) days of receipt of order.

5. Payment
All prices are in US Dollars unless otherwise stated.

The purchase price of the goods or services is due as soon as you have placed the order and is payable in advance. You can choose to pay with several different credit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Some customer data is sent to the contractual partner institution (PayPal, Inc.) authorizing the credit card for verification purposes.

6. Ownership
Delivered goods and services remain the property of Softube AB until all demands on the order have been fulfilled.

7. Warranty and Liability
Please check delivered goods for obvious defects.

By opening the original packaging or downloading the product license you accept copyrights as well as warranty restrictions.

Should you find any defect of the merchandise during the two-week warranty period, and then Softube at its sole discretion will either replace the merchandise or remove any defects. Should we be unable to do so within an acceptable period of time, you are entitled to cancel your order.

We are liable for the culpable breach of fundamental contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations) and the absence of any promised qualities. Otherwise, we are liable only within the limits set by applicable liability laws or - for whatever legal reason - when any damages were caused with intent or gross negligence by us or one of our affiliates. Neither our affiliates nor we are liable in any case not described above.

In case of culpable breach of cardinal obligations without intent or negligence on our part, our affiliates or we will be liable only to the extent of typically foreseeable damages and not for damage not incurred to the delivered merchandise itself.

The risk of loss is transferred to you once the merchandise has been sent to you. This also applies with part deliveries. If you are buying software via electronic delivery (Instant Delivery), we carry the risk of loss until the software has been fully transferred to your computer.

8. Your Rights
The customer's rights concerning refunds of all or part of a payment are valid only when such rights were legally confirmed or were accepted by us in writing. The orderer's right to retention is valid only provided claims are based on the same contract.

The preferred method of written communication is email and is held to be equal in status to letters transmitted through the postal service. The term "correspondence" below is taken to include email.

Deadlines are taken, insofar as is not otherwise mutually agreed, to always mean the date of receipt by the recipient. As far as email is concerned, the date of receipt is considered to be the date of dispatch. If there is disagreement about the date of dispatch, the time of receipt is taken as the receipt of the message on the target email server.

9. Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction
The law of Sweden will be applied by exclusion of the UN buying law, even when the order is placed in another country or the order is to be delivered to another country. The exclusive court of jurisdiction for all claims concerning your order is Linköping, Sweden. In the event of a legal dispute, the official address is Softube AB, S:t Larsgatan 9D, 582 24 Linköping, Sweden.