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Here you will find answers to the most common questions we get. If you can't find your answer here, you haven't looked carefully enough, or we just haven't added it yet. In that case, just send the question to us (Contact Softube Support) and we'll answer as fast as we can.

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Mac: VST preset saving/loading won't work in Ableton Live (64-bit version)
This is currently known to affect all Softube plug-ins except Console 1 and Modular. Read more...
Is there any difference between a demo an a full version of your plug-ins?
No, there are no demo versions, it is the full version. The only difference is that the demo license is valid for 20 days.
Modular seems rather CPU heavy - Why is that?
Modular significantly raises the bar for realistic modeling of analog circuits and is as demanding on the CPU as it needs to be. Read more...
When signed in to your website, I get an error message saying there is no associated iLok account. What's wrong?
You can double-check that your Softube/Gobbler account has been properly linked to your iLok account by going to and clicking 'My Account' -> 'My Profile'. You'll find the iLok account settings near the bottom of this page...
Do your products work with the Steinberg/Syncrosoft key?
No, you will need a Softube/Gobbler account. Creating such an account will also create or link to an existing iLok account that is used to license your Softube plug-ins. What is iLok?
Will you make product x for the AAX DSP platforms?
Almost all our plug-ins are available for the Pro Tools HDX platform (AAX DSP). Read more...