Rave reviews on the Marshall Plexi
May 20, 2015
Pro Tools Expert review video.

It didn't take long for the press to start reviewing the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug-in that Softube developed, available exclusively for the UAD-2/Apollo platform. Here are a few of the first examples.

AskAudio Magazine writes:
"I hit a chord and was like 'whoa baby'! Right out of the box, I knew we had a winner. It was thick but present, and it sounded—dare I say it—real."

"The Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 rocks. As far as I've found, this is the go-to amp plug in for the classic Marshall tone. It's that simple"

Read the entire review here:

Pro Tools Expert also loves the plug-in in their excellent video, which is of course filled with sound examples.

But why not try it out yourself? UAD-2/Apollo users can head over to Universal Audio's web site and download the latest software version and get a free demonstration period: