Reason 8 out now
Sep 30, 2014
Amp and Bass Amp video.

Propellerhads today released Reason 8, which includes Softube's Amp and Bass Amp. Amp is a collection of modeled guitar amplifiers and guitar cabinets, while Bass Amp focuses on bass amplifiers and bass speaker cabinets.

Watch the video and read more details below!

Amp oozes with attitude. From chiming clean to gritty and torn, from warm and cozy to razor sharp high-gain—whatever settings you make, you can be sure to get a sound with more life, personality and character than any guitar amp emulation you have heard before.

WIth Amp, you get four modeled guitar amplifiers and four guitar cabinets. The cabinets include models of the studio microphones that were used and studio room emulations for a natural sound. You can combine any amp with any cabinet and quickly create a wide variety of sounds.

Controls and functions
The controls are shared by all amplifiers. The Gain knob controls the amplifiers' preamp section, while Poweramp Gain determines how hard you drive its output—the difference in distortion characteristics between the two are quite dramatic. Add to that the Boost switch, which models what happens when you push up the guitar's signal level before it hits the amp. Use the Volume knob to compensate for level differences. On top of that, the three tone controls—Bass, Mid and Treble—sculpts the sound even further. The gate can be used subtly to shut off unwanted hum from single coil pickups, or harder to get a short, choppy sound for percussive playing. This works equally well for spanky funk and metal chugging. Gain, Gate and Volume are all controllable via CV in Reason.

Amp models
Twang: A silvery American classic, great for clean and slightly overdriven guitars. Popular for country, blues and more.
Crunch: British 60's classic that keeps its chiming, present character whether you play it clean or drive it so hard it's on the verge of breaking down.
Rock: A yummy, warm, fat, tube distortion. Just like Mama used to make it.
Lead: The boogie man has come in all his high gain glory! Screaming leads and power chords that sustain for days.

Cabinet models
Twang: A 2x12 cabinet with deep lows and heavenly highs. The oh-so-familiar dynamic mic is placed on axis but still lets a hint of room into the sound.
Crunch: A more midrange present 2x12, with the small diaphragm dynamic mic placed off axis and a wide stereo room added.
Rock: Fat, solid 4x12 classic. Captured with a German condenser microphone on axis for that full bodied sound.
Lead: Slightly midrange scooped 4x12 cabinet. The large diaphragm dynamic microphone gives an in your face presence.

Bass Amp
When it comes to amplifier emulations, bass players have always been shamefully neglected. With Bass Amp, Softube not only corrects this gross injustice, but delivers a bass amplifier emulation with the same amount of attitude and personality that can be found in Softube's Amp (which is the Propellerheads rack extension for people with thin strings). Clean solid lows? Nasal presence? Wildly distorted? Whatever sound you're after, Bass Amp can deliver.

With Bass Amp, you get two modeled bass amplifiers—Modern and Vintage—and three different speaker cabinets. The cabinets include models of the studio microphones that were used and studio room emulations for a natural sound. By combining any amp with any cabinet, you are able to cover a wide range of sounds.

Controls and functions
The controls are shared by both amplifier models. The Drive knob determines how hard you drive the input stage of the amp. The harder you drive it, the more distortion you will get, and the distortion characteristics will be dramatically different depending on which amplifier model you have selected. Drive is followed by the tone control section. The Bass and Treble knobs work as expected and the Middle control's operating frequency is selected with the Mid Freq switch which has five different positions. Pushing Ultra Lo and Ultra Hi adds a boost to the respective frequency ranges and also causes a slight curve shift in the midrange. The Volume transparently compensates for any level changes your settings may have caused. Both Drive and Volume are controllable by CV.

Amp models
Modern: A contemporary version of a classic tube design from one of the most popular bass amplifier brands. Modern has all the clarity and punch you'd expect from a modern amplifier, but still with the pleasant three-dimensionality that well designed tube amplifiers offer.
Vintage: Got grit? Vintage gives you a dark, dirty, steamy bass sound that adds power and attitude, and helps making the bass instrument cut through the mix.

Cabinet models
Dark: A classic 8x10 cabinet with a snappy response across the frequency spectrum. Captured with a German large membrane dynamic microphone, straight on axis for a clear sound and a rock solid low end.
Bright: A British 4x12 bass cabinet with great midrange presence the dynamic microphone placed off axis for a slightly roomy sound.
Room: A 4x10 cabinet, captured with a German classic large membrane condenser at a distance. Roomy with a nice depth and width that caters for a very natural sound in the mix.