Softube version 2.0—the CPU savings list!
Nov 8, 2013

Below you will find a list of our plug-ins and their approximate change in CPU usage in version 2.0 compared to the previous version. The published figures are for using the plug-ins in stereo and at 44.1kHz sample rate. Real life usage may differ slightly from these figures depending on platform, host, processor type and other variables.

Acoustic Feedback: -15%
Active Equalizer: -38%
Bass Amp Room: -36%
FET Compressor: -15%
Focusing Equalizer: -36%
Metal Amp Room: -10%
Passive Equalizer: -22%
Spring Reverb: -19%
Summit Audio Grand Channel: -40%
Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor: -28%
Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer: -6%
Tonelux Tilt and Tilt Live: -41% and -57%
Trident A-Range: -25%
TSAR-1 Reverb: -13%
TSAR-1R Reverb: -14%
Tube Delay: -28%
Tube-Tech Classic Channel: -50%
Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor: -25%
Tube-Tech ME 1B Mid-Range Equalizer: -23%
Tube-Tech PE 1C "Pultec" Equalizer: -30%
Valley People Dyna-mite: -29%
Vintage Amp Room: -32%