Preset Collection
Mar 5, 2018

Do you own Softube products? Well prepare to be delighted!

The Softube Preset Collection is finally here. Due to overwhelming popular demand we’ve been hard at work consolidating our awesome catalogue of factory and artist presets, giving them tags, descriptions, usage tips, color-coding them, attaching images, and designing a beautiful environment and framework in which to use and edit them.

Search by instrument, genre, mood, or whatever else. Add tags to create your own groups and sub-lists. Give presets a star-ranking to prioritize or de-prioritize them in searches. Now you’ve got the power.

Featuring artist presets from huge names in all kinds of fields; for instance Todd Barton in Modular, Joe Chicarelli in Fix Phaser, and Bob Katz in Weiss DS1-MK3; you can get easy access to the sound of the pros.

And perhaps best of all we’ve been working on the way users share presets. It’s now possible to create and share presets for your Softube products across platforms and formats, with just one simple file type. This opens the door for easy sharing and development of custom sound packs too, especially for instruments like Modular and Heartbeat, so watch this space…

We love making things you already own better, and the Preset Collection does exactly that, and for no charge. Enjoy this one on us!

In Short:

  • A beautiful, intuitive environment for managing, creating, and using Softube presets
  • Find what you’re looking for quickly with tags and prioritize presets with star-ratings
  • Share your sounds, and import other people’s with ease
  • Learn new ideas and perspectives from the descriptions and tips in factory and artist presets, and add your own notes for future reference
  • Clean up your workflow and have a better, more effective time working with Softube