Out Now: Spring Reverb for Modular
Mar 5, 2018

A great spring reverb sound is an absolutely classic ingredient of modular synthesis. Legendary systems like the EMS VCS3, Buchla Easel, and ARP 2600 all had built-in spring reverbs, and now you can get that vintage ambience in your Modular patches too.

One of the greatest things about Modular, our virtual Eurorack modular synthesizer, is that it keeps expanding. In recent years new modules from Intellijel, 4ms, Doepfer, and Buchla arrived, adding massively to the feel of a vibrant and ever-improving ecosystem, always with the best sound quality around.

But it’s also a thrill for us here at Softube to reinvent our own plug-ins as modules. The TSAR-1 and TSAR-1R algorithmic reverbs, the Heartbeat drum synthesizer, and the Saturation Knob (our free gift to the universe) are now happily living and loving in the Modular world. And now at last, our Spring Reverb has joined them.

Existing owners of Spring Reverb and Modular will see the Spring Reverb module appearing in Modular at no extra charge. And buying Spring Reverb now means you get more than just a plug-in - the module is part of the same license.

And of course our Spring Reverb is no ordinary spring reverb. Apart from having uppercase letters, it also gives you access to one, two, or three springs, or a CV controlled mix between these states, a tube driver section with treble and bass controls, and variable tension, allowing for surprisingly versatile sounds. You can even shake the tank, crashing the springs into one another for a catastrophic, world-ending boom. And imagine the possibilities in Modular of CV-controlling that feature alone! Read more and download your 20-day demo on the Spring Reverb product page.