Guitar Love!
Mar 2, 2017
Mixing Guitar With Vintage Amp Room and Trident A-Range.

During the month of March, we're helping to set the tone ... guitar tone that is! It's guitar month at Softube and that means special pricing on the never boring Trident A-Range equalizer, classic Vintage Amp Room and demon summoning Metal Amp Room simulators.

(Disclaimer—Softube accepts no liability for injury or damage caused by increased incidents of head banging, windmill strumming or actual demon summoning!)

Vintage Amp Room
Get Vintage Amp Room for just $149 (Normally $219).

Straightforward and simple, Vintage Amp Room emulates three great and classic guitar amps in a complete studio set-up with speaker cabinets and fully flexible microphone positioning. It's easy to use for live performances and recordings, as well as for re-amping and last-minute tweaking.

"It's a miracle that we can have these amplifiers on our laptops."
Gareth Jones, producer & engineer

Metal Amp Room
Get Metal Amp Room for just $89 (Normally $129).

Metal Amp Room was designed to bring you the most brutal, evil and aggressive guitar sound that is possible to squeeze out of your DAW. It may even contain backward messages. Run it in mono for a tight and focused sound, or let it take up your entire stereo width by the use of two panned microphones.

"Dead easy to use; excellent metal and classic rock sounds."
Guitarist Magazine

Trident A-Range
Get Trident A-Range for just $149 (Normally $219).

The Trident A-Range equalizer is a legendary piece of equipment. As only thirteen Trident A-Range consoles were ever made, it remains a holy grail for sound engineers and producers around the world that hope to create works of art equal to those that were originally recorded on the A-Range—such as David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, Queen, Elton John, the list goes on ...

"I am pleased to say that this is an incredibly accurate software recreation of my original A-Range design."
Professor Malcolm Toft, original designer of the A-Range console