Softube Evangelist Wanted
Feb 7, 2017

Help us spread the Softube love gospel around the world! The Rock 'n' Roll Scientists at Softube are hiring a product demonstrator. Travel the world, create online content and talk about the best tools for music creation on the market.

Can you never stop talking about the necessity for quality music tools? Is there no end to your rants about compressors, reverbs, guitar amps and instruments? Do you see it as your life mission to educate and enlighten music creators about the right way to go about things, and the right tools to use?

If so, you need to start working on your application for this job. Softube is hiring an evangelist, or as most companies would call it—a product demonstrator/marketing assistant. But Softube isn't most companies and we're not after any product demonstrator.

You will be the face of Softube. You will travel the world. You will be making videos like there's no tomorrow. And all the time, you will talk, talk and talk about the best ways to make music with a computer.

Position Details and Application
The position is full-time, based at Softube's headquarters in Linköping, Sweden. You will presumably have 40-60 international travel days per year. You will be part of the marketing and sales team. Women are under-represented in the Softube team (to be honest, it's currently all male) and we therefore particularly encourage female applicants.

To apply, send an email in English to with the subject "Softube evangelist position". The email should include your CV and cover letter. Furthermore, please make two short videos and include the download links to these—please DO NOT email the videos, use a file transfer service, a Dropbox link or similar. The two videos should be:
Video 1—product demonstration: 1-3 minutes explaining the advantages of Softube's Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor plug-in, focusing on its unique selling points and in what ways it's useful to the owner. The video should be based around footage of you and your verbal presentation, which must be in English. You can get a free 20-day fully functional demonstration license for the plug-in and all the basic information you need from the Drawmer S73 product page on our web site. The manual is included in the plug-in installer.
Video 2—tutorial: 1-3 minutes explaining to an entry-level user what a reverb is and why you might want to use one. The language used must be English. You can make the presentation verbal, use text/graphics, or a combination. If you add sound examples, please use our TSAR-1 Reverb or TSAR-1R Reverb. Same as above, you can get a free 20-day demo license from the product page on our web site.

The video material will only be used internally by Softube for the purpose of this hiring process. A selection of applicants will be contacted by email and called to an interview.

Job Description

  • Perform demonstrations of the entire Softube product range to trade show visitors, distributors, dealers, press, partners, artists, etc
  • Create tips and tricks videos for using Softube products
  • Assist in event planning (such as trade shows, dealer tours etc)
  • Create, or oversee the creation of, sound examples for products
  • Perform internal product training for relevant members of the Softube team
  • Assist with marketing tasks, such as social media activities, creating marketing content, coming up with ideas for product videos, making interviews with endorsees and partners

Required Qualifications

  • Experience in computer based music creation. This includes recording, mixing, guitar products and software instruments
  • Good overall knowledge and understanding of products available for music production
  • Excellent English in speech and writing
  • Good presenter skills
  • Outward personality, excellent social skills. Not shy of being on camera or on a stage
  • Basic video creation skills
  • Comfortable with traveling and able to spend time away from home (presumably around 40-60 travel days per year)
  • Ability to spend the rest of your working time in Linköping, Sweden
  • General awesomeness

Bonus Qualifications

  • Languages other than English, particularly German, Spanish and Japanese
  • Driver's license

About Softube
Softube is based in Linköping, Sweden and currently has 14 employees. The company was founded 2003 and has since developed and sold products used by professional and enthusiast music creators. Softube has done work for the most well-known brands in the industry, such as Marshall, Native Instruments, Universal Audio, and Fender.

Softube is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age or disabled status.